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Chat invitation customization, multiple invitation windows

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How do I customize a chat invitation window, can I have more than one?


Your LiveHelpNow account may have multiple chat invitation windows configured. Here are the steps to accomplish this:

  1. Proceed to Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Invitation window

  2. Click "+ Add invitation window" button

  3. Configure chat invitation per your requirements. The following customizations are available:

    Window Title/Banner- Type in a title for your invitation or add a company logo
    Auto-Invitation Message- The invitation message customers will see. Ex: "How may we help you today?"
    Action Link (Accept Live Help)- The button text to accept a chat. Ex: "Start chat"

    Top position on the page- In pixels, from the top of the page down
    Show speed (Fast or Slow)
    Direction (Slides in from the left or right)
    Stop at position (Where invitation window should stop sliding in the web page)- In pixels

    Time Delay (Seconds a Visitor should be on the page before this invitation is shown)
    Color scheme- Choose window color, text color, and link color.

  4. Proceed to Admin Panel->Chat system->installation-> select Live chat button or HelpOut Tab installation

  5. On the page where the code is given please select invitation window to associate the installation with
    if the code is already installed on your website please simply add this JavaScript variable to our code:
    var lhnInviteN = InviteID;
    Where InviteID is Invitation Window ID which you may find in Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Invitation window

  6. Copy and paste generated code onto your website pages.
    If you have old chat code on your pages, remove it first.

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