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Windows App (Alerter) is showing "Connecting to notifications" message

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Alerter is showing "connecting to notifications" message that does not go away


When launching LiveHelpNow console within windows App (Alerter) you might see "Connecting to notifications" message which is permantly displaying on the screen like so:

To resolve the issue please follow these steps:

  1. Completely exit Alerter by clicking on "Log out" red button in the top right corner of the operator console and exiting login screen(close login window) whch will show after.

  2. Open windows explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\LiveHelpNow\

  3. Right click on LiveHelpNow.exe and select "Run as Administrator"

  4. This should fix the issue. You shoudl only perform these steps once and not every time you launch LiveHelpNow App.
    Should this not solve your issue, please reload operator console by selecting "View->Reload" in the menu.

  5. Should the issue still persist, you might have to talk to your network admin and ask to add * and ** to the SSL inspection whitelist, which will allow the web gateway to pass the SSL traffic from the source w/o doing the "man in the middle" setup. It would be very specific to your web gateway

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