Chat Session Timeout

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What happens when a visitor’s request to chat is not accepted? How long will they stay in the queue?


If your live chat system is online, visitors who click to chat are entered into a queue until an agent accepts the chat request.

After a set period of inactivity between the agent and the visitor the chat session will “timeout.” At that point, the visitor will receive a prompt allowing them to either leave a message or continue waiting.

We highly recommend keeping chat session timeout set to the default 10 minutes.  If the timeout is set too low, visitors in active chat sessions may be interrupted by the “leave a message” prompt.

To adjust the Chat Session Timeout:

  1. Go to Admin Panel -> Chat System ->Customization -> Chat Window
  2. Select the chat window you’ll be adjusting
  3. Select a timeout from the drop-down list next to “Chat Session Timeout (min)”

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