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How and where is Live Chat, Ticket and Knowledge Base data stored?


All account data (chat transcripts, tickets, knowledge base articles) is stored at Rackspace data center in Virginia.

The data is transmitted via 256bit encrypted SSL channel, stored behind a firewall and encrypted at rest. We use Transparent Data Encryption(TDE):

The data is not sold or shared and is for your eyes only. You have full ownership of your data and can request full extract on-demand in any raw file format.

  • Chat transcripts are stored for 3 months. (2 years for Enterprise package)
    Chat transcipts may be backed up by configuring automatic chat transcript email in Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window, by Exporting from Chat Transcripts report, by pushing transcripts in real time via Eventing API

  • Website statistics are stored for 2 year. (3 years on Enteprise version)
  • Tickets and Callback Requests are stored for 1 year. (3 years on Enteprise version)
  • Knowledge Base articles are stored for the full duration of your subscription.
  • Ticket attachments are stored for 365 days (3 years on Enteprise version)

Website statistics, Chat Transcripts, Tickets, Callback Requests, and Knowledge Base Articles may also be purged upon completion, hourly, daily or monthly upon request.

Account access may be locked to certain IP addresses to make sure that only authorized personnel may access your account, i.e. only computers within your company network can login to your account.

An account's data will only be accessed by LiveHelpNow personnel for support purposes, with written permission from an account Administrator.

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