How to customize LiveHelpNow

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I am new to LiveHelpNow and want to customize the system as quickly as possible. How do I get started?


Absolutely all LiveHelpNow windows (live chat window, ticket window, knowledge base) can be customized to match your website. Add your own logos, color schemes and messaging to reflect your brand. You can even design your own CSS styles for your chat windows, ticket forms, callback forms, and knowledge base pages.

To customize the system, Login and select [Switch to admin panel] located at the top of the main Operator panel.

LiveHelpNow is very easy to setup- simply follow the top menus from left to right, customizing as needed. Default settings work well in most cases.

Start by setting up your account, then customize the systems you'd like to keep.


Set up your account:

  1. Add Operators–
    Emails are sent automatically to operators with credentials and a link to download the operator console.
  2. (Optional) Create Departments-


Customize the Chat System:

  1. Customize the chat window– Switch to Admin panel > Chat System > Customization> Chat Window (select a window)
  2. Generate chat button code:

  3.  (Optional) Customize other features of the Chat System-

Customize the Ticket System:

  1. Customize the ticket form- Admin panel > Ticket > Customization > Labels & fields.
  2. Generate ticket button code- Admin panel > Ticket > Installation > Ticket button.
  3. (Optional) Setup email-to-ticket integration-

Customize the Callback System:

  1. Customize the callback form- Admin panel > Callback > Customization > Labels & fields.
  2. Generate callback button code- Admin panel > Callback > Installation > Callback request button.

Customize the Knowledge Base:

Demo & Training

  • Live Demo with LiveHepNow specialist - Highly recommended for new accounts or for a quick training of new groups of agents:
  • Recorded demo - If times provided for live demo are not convenient, please watch recorded demo.

Try searching or browsing our extensive knowledge base for more help. You can also submit a ticket with your query and one of our expert agents will point the most relevant resources your way.

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