LiveHelpNow HelpOut Tab module for Joomla

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Is there a HelpOut Tab module I can use on my Joomla powered site?


Give customers direct access to your best online support resources with LiveHelpNow's HelpOut Tab. Display help options to visitors in a snappy right tab that's easy to spot and works intuitively.

The HelpOut Tab works with any combination of LiveHelpNow systems: Live chat, Knowledge Base, Ticket management, and Call Management. Learn more about how the HelpOut Tab works and its benefits:


Instructions on how to install and configure the HelpOut Tab on Joomla.


1. Download the Joomla 1.6+ module.

2. After downloading the module, login to the administrator section of your Joomla website.

3. Choose Extensions -> Extension Manager from the "Admin Menu".

4. Under the "Uploade Package File" section choose the zip file you downloaded and click "Upload & Install".


1. Login to the administrator section of your Joomla website.

2. Choose Extensions -> Module Manager from the Admin Menu.

3. Select the LiveHelpNow module that has been added.

4. Assign a module position, enable the module, and fill out the "Basic Options" form, then click "Save". Note: you may have to assign the module to the "Menu Assignment".


If you would like to install the chat button plugin on Joomla, please click here.

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