SalesForce Integration for LiveHelpNow Chat System

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Does LiveHelpNow integrate with SalesForce? How do I setup the integration?

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Send LiveHelpNow chat data to Salesforce
Wouldn't it be nice if you could house all of your live chat sales leads and customer service inquiries in Salesforce CRM automatically? With LiveHelpNow's live chat software integration with Salesforce CRM, you can.
How does the Salesforce integration work?
When a customer enters their email address into the pre-chat requirements window, we search your Salesforce records for a matching email and assign the chat transcript to the associated contact, lead or person account automatically.
If duplicates are found sharing the same email, you will be prompted to select the appropriate Saleforce record to attribute the chat transcript to. When there is no matching Saleforce record for the email provided, you can choose to either create a new contact or lead record or to take no action.
What's the fastest way to set up the integration?
Integrate LiveHelpNow with your Salesforce account in 2 steps:
1. Login to your LiveHelpNow account and go to Admin panel->My account->integrations->SalesForce

2. Follow the following steps to complete integration process:

  1. Login to LiveHelpNow as an administrator.
  2. Switch to Admin Panel -> Chat system -> Customization ->Pre-chat requirements.
  3. Enter 'Email' as an Input label and set it as Required.

  4. Go to the corresponding Map to CRM field and select Email. Save your settings.
  5. Next, go to My Account > Integrations and click the SalesForce cloud logo.
  6. Follow the setup instructions in the SalesForce info panel on the right hand side- SalesForce administrator account access is required for this step.

    (Known issue: if you get an 'invalid credentials' Salesforce error, log into your account at using the Google Chrome web browser to complete step 6)

  7. (Optional) Map pre-chat fields like customer name to your SalesForce fields when no matching contact, lead, or account record is found- This will allow new records to be created in your SalesForce account.
    Click + Add Entry to map a pre-chat Source Field to a corresponding SalesForce Field.

    For Example: Creating a 'contact' in SalesForce requires the LastName field. We suggest Full name or Last Name as a source field (see below).

  8. (Optional) Map fields from Offline Messages to your SalesForce fields.
    Offline message fields include FirstName, LastName, Email, and Message & are not customizable, so you will only need to Add Entries to SalesForce mappings in the SalesForce Setup screen (as shown above).
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