Changing Embedded Widget Labels

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How do i change title, button text, etc. on the Embedded Widget?


To change default labels/text shown within the embedded widget you will need to modify the Embedded widget code to include dictionary as shown below.


window.lhnJsSdkInit = function () {

lhnJsSdk.controls = [{

lhnJsSdk.dictionary = { 
          agentConnecting: "Connecting to agent",
          callbackMenu: "Callback",
          callbackTitle: "Request a callback",
          cancel: "Cancel",
          chatMenu: "Chat",
          chatTitle: "Conversation",
          email: "Email",
          endChat: "End Chat",
          endChatConfirm: "Are you sure you want to end the current chat?",
          inviteCancel: 'Dismiss',
          inviteStart: 'Chat now',
          knowledgeMenu: "FAQ",
          knowledgeTitle: "Search Knowledge",
          livechat: "LIVE CHAT",
          livechat_offline: "GET HELP",
          newChatTitle: "New conversation",
          offlineTitle: "Leave a message",
          send: "Send",
          startChat: "Start Chat",
          submit: "Submit",
          surveyTitle: "Survey",
          ticketMenu: "Ticket",
          ticketTitle: "Submit a ticket"




Please note the specific location where dictionary object (green font in the example) must be added within Embedded Widget code. Location is very important.

After the dictionary object is added you are free to modify its values such as changing "New conversation" to "New chat", etc.




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