I have Google Tag Manager (gtm), Google Analytics Classic (gaq) and Universal Google Analytics (ga), but it always defaults to ga with the embedded window

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How do I make the embedded window use Google Analytics Classic (gaq) or Google Tag Manager (gtm) instead of the Universal Google Analytics (ga)?


If you have Universal Google Analytics (ga) installed on your website along with Google Analytics Classic (gaq) and / or Google Tag Manager (gtm), LiveHelpNow embedded window will always default to (ga).

You can force the embedded window to use the one of the other two products by adding the following code to the LiveHelpNow lhnJsSdk script.


function lhnJsSdkReady() {





function lhnJsSdkReady() {




If you are only using Google Tag Manager, please check out our other article that explains how to setup a tag that will catch LiveHelpNow event tags and fire events into Google Analytics: http://help.livehelpnow.net/article/1/93233/Integrating-Google-Tags-Manager-with-the-embedded-window

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