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Orange arrow Can i remove "Powered by LiveHelpNow" link shown in the chat,ticket and callback windows?

  Yes, the "Powered by LiveHelpNow" link shown in the chat, ticket and callback windows may be removed for an additional $50 per month charge.To have the link removed please contact us...
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Orange arrow How do I send visitors a copy of their chat transcript automatically? Can I include a survey?

  To start using this live chat software feature, follow the steps below: 1. Please check that you have correctly mapped an "Email" prechat field on the prechat form to "Email" CRM field in Admin panel -> Chat system -> Customization -> Pre-chat requirements so our system can use it to emai...
Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow support different languages?

  Yes. You can translate your LiveHelpNow account into any language for the customer facing side of the software. Here are the steps to customize each live chat software system into the language you desire. Surveys (Create multiple surveys, including post-chat surveys) http://help.livehelpnow....
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Orange arrow Do you have questions about your Operators and their Functions?

  When it comes to managing your operator panel, there are a few “must know” tools that will make it easy. Getting set up may feel overwhelming, but we are here to turn angst to ease. Once we answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding the functionality, maneuvering through th...
Orange arrow How do i configure my account to support right-to-left languages (Arabic script and hebrew alphabet)?

  To configure Chat window to support right-to-left alphabet please follow these simple steps: Admin panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window Select the chat window you would like to be used for right-to-left alphabet Scroll down to find "Text direction" setting Change to "right ...
Orange arrow How to securely exchange confidential information in a chat session or an email/ticket?

  At LiveHelpNow, we don't only know how to spell security – we’re big believers in it. In the past, our chat sessions and emails have been great for holding secure online conversations with prospects and clients but there was no simple way to securely share confidential information. Tha...
Orange arrow Can you send automotive sales leads to my systems in ADF XML format?

  Auto-Lead Data Format, also known as ADF XML, is a standard format used in the automotive industry to collect data associated with sales leads. LiveHelpNow can automatically send leads in ADF XML format from our Live Chat System to your customer relationship management (CRM) software. More inform...
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Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software integrates with Google Analytics and Google AdWords, giving you powerful metrics that translate into dollars. With Google Analytics you can track a visitor to your website as he or she goes down the path to purchase: Your home page, then your product page, perhaps a ...
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Orange arrow I have a responsive site. How do I change the live chat button when visitors are viewing my site on a mobile device?

  With the standard live chat button code on your website, please add the following to your website. Place this in your css. One is an online button the other is an offline button with the other as a common class. If the width and/or heights are different between the offline and online image, you...
Orange arrow Can a customer's name be displayed in the chat window?

  Make live chat software personal by interacting with prospective customers on a first name basis. Here's how you can set it up: Go to Admin panel -> Chat System -> Customization -> Pre-chat requirements. Under 'Input label' create a field that prompts the customer to enter their name. ...
Orange arrow How do I setup two or more customized chat portals on different websites all under the same account?

  In the live chat software, you can have two or more different live chat portals setup under the same account which would look and act differently for your customers while still connecting to the same LiveHelpNow account. To accomplish this please follow these steps: Start by creating a new depar...
Orange arrow I am new to LiveHelpNow and want to customize the system as quickly as possible. How do I get started?

  Absolutely all LiveHelpNow windows (live chat window, ticket window, knowledge base) can be customized to match your website. Add your own logos, color schemes and messaging to reflect your brand. You can even design your own CSS styles for your chat windows, ticket forms, callback forms, and knowl...
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Orange arrow Can I hide the HelpOut Tab / Live Chat button on Mobile Phones?

  You can hide the HelpOut Tab on mobile phone by using a CSS media query. @media screen and (max-width: 480px){ .lhn_help_btn{ display: none !important; } } To hide Live chat button use this CSS: @media screen and (max-width: 480px){ #lhnChatButton{ display: none !impor...
Orange arrow What will visitors see when my live chat is offline?

  When you are unavailable for live chat, the live chat software has you covered. Your inquiring visitors will be prompted to leave you their questions & contact information for follow-up. LiveHelpNow offline windows keep the door open for customers 24/7. To adjust the offline window settings: ...
Orange arrow How do I remove the “Search Knowledge” link from my pre-chat requirements?

  The “Search Knowledge”, “Submit an inquiry” and “Request callback” links shown in your pre-chat requirements offer your visitors the option to use less resource-intensive means to get answers to their questions via the Knowledge Base, Ticket System, and Callback System. If you do not subscribe to...
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