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Orange arrow Do you have questions about your Operators and their Functions?

  When it comes to managing your operator panel, there are a few “must know” tools that will make it easy. Getting set up may feel overwhelming, but we are here to turn angst to ease. Once we answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding the functionality, maneuvering through th...
Orange arrow How do I manage the chat windows when I am chatting with more than one customer?

  LiveHelpNow is very proud to introduce "color driven chat", designed for stess-free simultaneous chatting.Here's how easy it is to chat with multiple customers at the same time in the LiveHelpNow live chat software operator panel:Each chatting visitor is marked with a colored icon according to his/...
Orange arrow Why are some of my chat sessions not showing up in the chat history?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software is designed to identify unique visitors on your website. Unique visitors are tracked by their IP addresses. When a unique visitor chats with you multiple times in the same day, all of his/her chats are merged into one session in the chat history. *If you prefer to re...
Orange arrow How do I search chat history? I want to view past chats I've had with customers

  It's easy to view transcripts from past chats in LiveHelpNow live chat software. Here are the steps: 1. Switch to Admin Panel2. Click the "Analytics" tab at the top right.3. Select Chat System on the left, click the "Chat Transcripts" report, and enter a date range at the top-right to retreive you...
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Orange arrow I am new to LiveHelpNow and want to customize the system as quickly as possible. How do I get started?

  Absolutely all LiveHelpNow windows (live chat window, ticket window, knowledge base) can be customized to match your website. Add your own logos, color schemes and messaging to reflect your brand. You can even design your own CSS styles for your chat windows, ticket forms, callback forms, and knowl...
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Orange arrow How do I view the session History for a visitor? (The pages that a visitor has visited in this Particular Session on my Web site).

  1. Select a visitor in the visitors grid: 2. Click on "Nav history" tab to see navigation history. ...
Orange arrow I would like to see a video demo of the software and possibly request a live demo with a LiveHelpNow specialist

  Here are some of the resources you may want to check out to get quickly introduced to LiveHelpNow customer service & lead capture platform Quick video intro Quick start guide (PDF) Recorded live demo Independent review Screenshots Live Chat system intro Ticket system intro Support Syst...
Orange arrow Are there any general guidelines I can follow to help increase my live chat volume?

  Yes, there are a number of ways to increase the quantity and quality of your live chats with customers while using LiveHelpNow live chat software: Make Sure your Staff is ReadyStaff can be easily prepared and trained to know how to use the operator panel, handle multiple incoming chats simultane...
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Orange arrow How do Proactive Chat Invitations work?

  Proactive messaging allows LiveHelpNow chat operators to proactively invite browsing visitors to chat by sending a custom tailored message based on visitor's location, a page the visitor is on or any other factors. Consider this: Your website sells cars. A visitor arrives to your website and L...
Orange arrow What will visitors see when my live chat is offline?

  When you are unavailable for live chat, the live chat software has you covered. Your inquiring visitors will be prompted to leave you their questions & contact information for follow-up. LiveHelpNow offline windows keep the door open for customers 24/7. To adjust the offline window settings: ...
Orange arrow Where do I find LiveHelpNow reports, and how do I generate them?

  A wide variety of website performance reports can be generated by logging into your LiveHelpNow account and switching to Admin panel -> Analytics. If you cannot see the Analytics tab then you do not have access to reports. If you need access to Analytics, contact your Administrator. To genera...
Orange arrow How do I upgrade to paid subscription?

  To Subscribe to LiveHelpNow, you will need to provide your billing information before choosing any services. Please go to Admin Panel -> My Account -> Billing info. After billing information is provided, please go to Admin Panel -> My Account -> Services. 1. Choose what services...
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Orange arrow How will I know when someone enters the chat?

  If you are using LiveHelpNow operator console ( and your status is "Online" you will see a notification immediately after visitor starts a new chat session.If you are using web-based operator console you will hear a "door-bell" sound and the visitor who started th...
Orange arrow I see visitor in "Browsing" status even though he/she has already left my site

  LiveHelpNow does not keep permanent connection with your visitors so it has no way of knowing the exact time of departure of your visitors. The operator panel will set the visitor's status to "browsing" immediately after the visitor views any page of your site where LiveHelpNow code is installed. ...
Orange arrow I need to install LiveHelpNow on a new computer, where do I download the Alerter desktop module?

  The LiveHelpNow Alerter stores your login credentials allowing you to login to & logout of the operator panel from your computer’s desktop with ease. The Alerter also gives you timely pop-up notifications so you never miss a chat! Download the latest version for Windows or Mac here http:...

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