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Orange arrow Do you have questions about your Operators and their Functions?

  When it comes to managing your operator panel, there are a few “must know” tools that will make it easy. Getting set up may feel overwhelming, but we are here to turn angst to ease. Once we answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding the functionality, maneuvering through th...
Orange arrow Why does time duration in reports show as time in Excel?

  By default, Excel displays the format hh:mm:ss as time am/pm when clicked whether it is real time or time duration. This is just they way Excel views the data within the cell, but you may still add time duration if needed. As refered to an article from Microsoft here are the steps to take to ac...
Orange arrow Can I have more than one chat button on my site?

  Absolutely, we even encourage it!We recommend installing chat button on every page of your website to enable visitor tracking thoughout the site and be able to invite visitors to chat proactively from any page of your site.A best practice is to install the chat button code in an include file which ...
Orange arrow Is there a way to pass information that our website already knows about a visitor to LiveHelpNow operator panel for our agents to see?

  Absolutely, we call it "Custom information Feed"Custom Information Feed Custom Information Feed is another valuable feature of LiveHelpNow Live Chat Software. It allows for a custom information to be passed from your website pages to the customer service agents servicing your LiveHelpNow Live Chat ...
Orange arrow Can I chat with my customers on my cell phone?

  Absolutely.You can use any Internet enabled phone such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm or Google Mobile Phone. Use our iPhone App: Or our Android App: For other mobile devices, please use LiveHelpNow Mobile Chat. Mobile Chat allows operators to answer live chat r...
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Orange arrow Can I place chat buttons on more than one site/domain?

  Yes, you can place chat button on unlimited number of websites/domains.This is something that makes LiveHelpNow stand out - we do NOT limit you in any way....
Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow have CoBrowse feature so I can see and possibly control an end user's computer?

  LiveHelpNow Remote Assistance, powered by combines instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in an app that anyone can use to present, train, demo or concept. is designed to be intuitive and accessible. What does it do? Remote Assistance desktop screen sharing...
Orange arrow Are upgrades included? If I subscribe now, will I automatically get any new updates?

  All LiveHelpNow subscribers/users receive updates automatically....
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Orange arrow Can I customize my messages?

  All system messages can be completely customized for all LiveHelpNow products (Live Chat, Ticketing and Support system)For example messages such as "Please be patient while being connected with an operator" could be customized to say "Please be patient while we are trying to connect you with an ope...
Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software integrates with Google Analytics and Google AdWords, giving you powerful metrics that translate into dollars. With Google Analytics you can track a visitor to your website as he or she goes down the path to purchase: Your home page, then your product page, perhaps a ...
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Orange arrow Is live chat queuing available? My call center gets very busy and we need to insure service quality.

  What are the benefits of live chat support compared to traditional phone support? Live chat software has a lower cost per interaction than phone support. Agents new to chat can handle 2 simultaneous chats, then take on 3 or more depending on the nature of the conversation What are the benefits of...
Orange arrow I installed the live help chat feature.. but now I'm thinking I want to try out the ticket system. Do I need to download new software or make any changes to the code on the site?

  Once live chat system is installed on your website your customers will be asked to submit a ticket when all operators under your account are offline.You can also install "Submit a Ticket" button on your website separately from Chat button if you like.To do that please switch to Admin Panel, Click o...
Orange arrow What is sentiment analysis?

  Sentiment analysis uses a selection of words and phrases that will add either a positive or negative value on the chat. If we detect any negative words or phrases said by your customer during the chat it will automatically flag it as a potential negative chat. This sentiment will be determined upon...
Orange arrow What makes LiveHelpNow different than other Help Desk Software companies?

  LiveHelpNow is a suite of tightly integrated online customer service tools for businesses both large and small that transforms online sales and customer service to be absolutely exceptional. LiveHelpNow features a Live Chat System, Email-Ticketing Management, Call Management and a Knowledge Base ...
Orange arrow Enabling SMS chat for your account to provide a better chat experience for mobile customers

  Ask yourself this: Would you prefer to ask a question using a phone call, email, live chat session or a text message? If you are like most people, you chose text. It is simply the most efficient and most convenient medium to get answers and get things done. Now ask yourself this: How many compani...

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