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Orange arrow Can I chat with my customers on my cell phone?

  Absolutely.You can use any Internet enabled phone such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm or Google Mobile Phone. Use our iPhone App: Or our Android App: For other mobile devices, please use LiveHelpNow Mobile Chat. Mobile Chat allows operators to answer live chat r...
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Orange arrow Can I have different chat buttons on different pages of my site?

  Absolutely. Not only can you have chat buttons installed on unlimited websites, with live chat software you can also have different buttons on different pages of your websites. TIP: chat buttons can also link to different chat windows and still be connecting to one LiveHelpNow account!To get a dif...
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Orange arrow How do I setup two or more customized chat portals on different websites all under the same account?

  In the live chat software, you can have two or more different live chat portals setup under the same account which would look and act differently for your customers while still connecting to the same LiveHelpNow account. To accomplish this please follow these steps:1. Switch to "Admin Panel" and ch...
Orange arrow How do I use pre-chat requirements?

  Pre-chat requirementsin the live chat software are used to setup questions that visitors are required to answer before they are allowed to start a chat session. The LiveHelpNow Chat System allows you to bypass the Pre-chat screen and have visitors enter directly into a chat session, but this is ge...
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Orange arrow How do I configure post-chat surveys?

  A Post-chat survey is a must have live chat software feature if you would like to capture customer feedback on their experience with your operators. It will help you improve the way customers are handled by your support staff. In the future we will be developing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) version ...
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Orange arrow how do I remove the email and print icons on a chat window?

  This article requires a knowledge of css, and css for the LiveHelpNow chat window. To remove the email and print options on the chat window please do the following: If using default LiveHelpNow CSS for the chat window please cimply change CSS file URL location in admin panel->chat system->c...
Orange arrow Why are some of my chat sessions not showing up in the chat history?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software is designed to identify unique visitors on your website. Unique visitors are tracked by their IP addresses. When a unique visitor chats with you multiple times in the same day, all of his/her chats are merged into one session in the chat history. *If you prefer to re...
Orange arrow Is live chat queuing available? My call center gets very busy and we need to insure service quality.

  What are the benefits of live chat support compared to traditional phone support? Live chat software has a lower cost per interaction than phone support. Agents new to chat can handle 2 simultaneous chats, then take on 3 or more depending on the nature of the conversation What are the benefits of...
Orange arrow I would like to set a cookie or do any other action for the visitor who is about to launch chat window, how can I do that?

  You would need to overide LiveHelpNow chat launch code by adding "CustomOpenLHNChat" javasript function to your page.This assumes that you have LiveHelpNow chat button code installed on the page. Please replace LHNACCOUNTID with NUMERIC portion of your LiveHelpNow account # and YOUR_CODE with wha...
Orange arrow How do I enable or disable auto invitation to chat?

  While generating Live Chat Button code in "Admin Panel->Installation" please make sure to check "Enable Auto Invitation" checkbox shown over the generated HTML code to enable automatic chat invitation, or uncheck to disable. You may also edit the code directly to disable/enable invitation in th...
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Orange arrow Enabling SMS chat for your account to provide a better chat experience for mobile customers

  Ask yourself this: Would you prefer to ask a question using a phone call, email, live chat session or a text message? If you are like most people, you chose text. It is simply the most efficient and most convenient medium to get answers and get things done. Now ask yourself this: How many compani...
Orange arrow How do I show a custom chat invitation message tailored to unique visitor information?

  Upon visitor arrival to your website you may want to display a custom invitation message containing information you may already know about the visitor. i.e. "Thank you for visiting our e-store again, Scott, please click [Start Chat] link should you require any assistance" The message will a...
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Orange arrow Can I install LiveHelpNow as a Right Tab that shows available help options when clicked?

  With the LiveHelpNow HelpOut Tab®, you can display help options to visitors in a snappy right tab that follows them from page to page. It’s easy to setup and easy to customize – you don’t have to be a techie to change its appearance! The versatile Help Panel works with any c...
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Orange arrow Can a customer's name be displayed in the chat window?

  Make live chat software personal by interacting with prospective customers on a first name basis. Here's how you can set it up: Go to Admin panel -> Chat System -> Customization -> Pre-chat requirements. Under 'Input label' create a field that prompts the customer to enter their name. ...
Orange arrow Is it possible to block IPs from starting a chat session?

  Yes, You can select which IP addresses to black list(block)These blocked IP addresses will not be able to start a chat session, submit a ticket inquiry or have any other communication with your support staff over the LiveHelpNow platform. They will still have full access to your website.If you find...

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