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Orange arrow What happens when a visitor’s request to chat is not accepted? How long will they stay in the queue?

  If your live chat system is online, visitors who click to chat are entered into a queue until an agent accepts the chat request.After a set period of inactivity between the agent and the visitor the chat session will “timeout.” At that point, the visitor will receive a prompt allowing them to eithe...
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Orange arrow How do I get every chat transcript sent to me by email?

  You can have every chat transcript sent to you by entering your email address in Admin panel -> Chat System -> Customization -> Chat window, select chat window and find the setting listed as 'Email transcripts'. If you would like chat transcripts emailed to different email addresses based...
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Orange arrow How do I send visitors a copy of their chat transcript automatically? Can I include a survey?

  To start using this live chat software feature, follow the steps below: 1. Please check that you have correctly mapped an "Email" prechat field on the prechat form to "Email" CRM field in Admin panel -> Chat system -> Customization -> Pre-chat requirements so our system can use it to emai...
Orange arrow I've setup department routing, how do I allow my operators to see only the visitors or chats I'd like them to see?

  View Access is a setting controlled by LiveHelpNow admins that limits which Visitors and Chats each operator is able to see within their Operator Panel. Please Note: We do not recommend changing View Access settings unless you have setup department routing. What View Access actually does is li...
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Orange arrow Can I simply drag and drop images into the chat box of the operator panel?

  It's possible to drag & drop images from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers directly into the chat box and send them to chatting visitors. Simply open either Chrome or Firefox in a separate window then click, hold and drag in image into the live chat software text area under the chat bo...
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Orange arrow How do I make it so my operators only see activity in their departments?

  In order to accomplish this you will need to setup department routing for your account. -->Setup departments one for each website. In admin panel->my account->departments, and assign each operator to the correct department. -->Record department numbers for all (write them down) -->Create...
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Orange arrow How do i configure my account to support right-to-left languages (Arabic script and hebrew alphabet)?

  To configure Chat window to support right-to-left alphabet please follow these simple steps: Admin panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window Select the chat window you would like to be used for right-to-left alphabet Scroll down to find "Text direction" setting Change to "right ...
Orange arrow How do i route customers to a department based on a value selected in pre-chat window?

  You may dynamically route customers to a specific department by using Visitor triggers For example you would like to route customers to "Help desk" department if the question "Do you have an existing account?" used in pre-chat window is answered "Yes". You would need to configure a visitor trigger...
Orange arrow When I start live chat, I see the "Live chat is currently unavailabe" message.

  If you see "Live chat is currently unavailabe" message when you attempt to start live chat session in live chat software, this means you have banned your own IP address. "Live chat is currently unavailabe" message is only shown to customers whos IP Address was banned by one of your operators. To ...
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Orange arrow How to securely exchange confidential information in a chat session or an email/ticket?

  At LiveHelpNow, we don't only know how to spell security – we’re big believers in it. In the past, our chat sessions and emails have been great for holding secure online conversations with prospects and clients but there was no simple way to securely share confidential information. Tha...
Orange arrow What are the most popular installation options for the Live Chat system? How do I find them?

  It is a best practice to put live chat code on every page of your website to track all of your visitors. Here are some popular installation options for the live chat software: HelpOut Tab®-Display help options to visitors in a snappy right tab that follows them from page to page. The HelpOut...
Orange arrow How do I disable visitor tracking provided by LiveHelpNow chat system?

  According to LiveHelpNow EULA every account must purchase at least 1 operator license per each 1000 unique daily visitors to the website tracked by LiveHelpNow live chat software.To avoid purchasing additional licenses you need to disable visitor tracking feature of LiveHelpNow chat system.To do th...
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Orange arrow how do I remove the email and print icons on a chat window?

  This article requires a knowledge of css, and css for the LiveHelpNow chat window. To remove the email and print options on the chat window please do the following: If using default LiveHelpNow CSS for the chat window please cimply change CSS file URL location in admin panel->chat system->c...
Orange arrow How do I configure post-chat surveys?

  A Post-chat survey is a must have live chat software feature if you would like to capture customer feedback on their experience with your operators. It will help you improve the way customers are handled by your support staff. In the future we will be developing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) version ...
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Orange arrow I would like to set a cookie or do any other action for the visitor who is about to launch chat window, how can I do that?

  You would need to overide LiveHelpNow chat launch code by adding "CustomOpenLHNChat" javasript function to your page.This assumes that you have LiveHelpNow chat button code installed on the page. Please replace LHNACCOUNTID with NUMERIC portion of your LiveHelpNow account # and YOUR_CODE with wha...

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