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Orange arrow How can I move the HelpOut tab lower or higher on my webpage?

  You may do this by adding the following CSS styles to your webpage: <style type="text/css"> .lhn_help_btn{ top: 125px !important; } .lhn_help_container{ top: 115px !important; } </style> Just change both (top:) numbers to desired values to move the tab lower or hi...
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Orange arrow How do I execute a custom JavaScript when HelpOut tab is fully loaded?

  The HelpOut tab load event is fired when HelpOut Tab is fully loaded. There is a way to trigger custom code on HelpOut tab load event: HelpOut Tab executes the following function upon load, so by simply having this function on the page where HelpOut Tab is hosted will run its code:function LHN...
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Orange arrow I would like to open my ticket submission form instead of LiveHelpNow ticket submission form when "Submit a ticket" button is clicked in helpOut tab, is it possible?

  To have the "Submit a ticket" in helpOut tab open a custom URL please add this to helpOut tab code installed on your website: var lhnTicketURL='YOUR_CUSTOM_URL';...
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Orange arrow Is there a way to pass information that our website already knows about a visitor to LiveHelpNow operator panel for our agents to see?

  Absolutely, we call it "Custom information Feed"Custom Information Feed Custom Information Feed is another valuable feature of LiveHelpNow Live Chat Software. It allows for a custom information to be passed from your website pages to the customer service agents servicing your LiveHelpNow Live Chat ...
Orange arrow How do I install live chat as a link instead of a button, or link already existing graphical element on my page to open chat window?

  Please install Invisible button first on your page (var lhnButtonN = -1; set wtihin the button code). You can find the code for it in Admin Panel -> Chat System -> Installation -> Live Chat Button -> On a website (scroll down and select invisible button)Then use OpenLHNChat() JavaScript...
Orange arrow How do I customize chat window with CSS

  Login to your account and switch to Admin Panel Proceed to Chat System ->Customization-> Chat window Click [+] Add Window Customization or edit an existing window. Download sample CSS file or use this one: Modify the file with the st...
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Orange arrow How do I change the tab image shown by HelpOut Tab?

  To change the tab image shown by HelpOut Tab please add this style to the page where HelpOut tab code is installed:You can also change HelpOut Tab Chat, Ticket and Callback button images. <style> .lhn_help_btn, .lhn_help_btn:visited { background: url("
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Orange arrow How do I make the HelpOut tab disappear when all operators are offline?

  To accomplish this please use the following script within the same pages where the HelpOut tab is: <script type="text/javascript"> function LHN_button_onLoad() { if (bLHNOnline == 0) { document.getElementById('lhn_help_btn').style.display =...
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Orange arrow I would like to set a cookie or do any other action for the visitor who is about to launch chat window, how can I do that?

  You would need to overide LiveHelpNow chat launch code by adding "CustomOpenLHNChat" javasript function to your page.This assumes that you have LiveHelpNow chat button code installed on the page. Please replace LHNACCOUNTID with NUMERIC portion of your LiveHelpNow account # and YOUR_CODE with wha...
Orange arrow I would like to redirect the visitor to a custom offline contact form which already exists on my site instead of opening LiveHelpNow "leave a message" form, is this possible?

  Yes it is possible by simply inserting this function to the page where LiveHelpNow is installed. Please change LHNACCOUNTID with NUMERIC portion of your LiveHelpNow account # and YOUR OFFLINE FORM URL with URL on your site to redirect the visitor to. <SCRIPT> function CustomOpenLHNChat(){...
Orange arrow How do I show a custom chat invitation message tailored to unique visitor information?

  Upon visitor arrival to your website you may want to display a custom invitation message containing information you may already know about the visitor. i.e. "Thank you for visiting our e-store again, Scott, please click [Start Chat] link should you require any assistance" The message will a...
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Orange arrow I would like to hide LiveHelpNow URL in the chat window and use my domain URL, is it possible?

  To accomplish URL masking* and white label your chat window please do the following: Add CNAME record for your domain and point it to i.e. in CNAME Install LiveHelpNow chat button code and add the following javascript code on your web...
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Orange arrow What are the software requirements for running the LiveHelpNow Alerter?

  Works on any Windows system or any Mac OS X system Minimum of 500mb RAM Works in any browser Mobile Chat supports Blackberries with 4.7+ OS, Windows Mobile 6, iPhone, Google phone, Droids The latest version of the Alerter operator software is available for download here: http://www.livehelpno...
Orange arrow I would like to do additional programming on my website but I need to detect whether there are operators online under my account. Is this possible to determine?

  You would need to check the value of bLHNOnline JavaScript variable.The variable will be initialized by LiveHelpNow code on your site so you would need to check bLHNOnline variable's value after LiveHelpNow code installation on your page or in "onload" event of your page's body. <script>func...
Orange arrow Is it possible to install LiveHelpNow on a flash based website?

  To be able to track your visitors on a flash based website you will need to first install an invisible button anywhere on the page between <body> tags, above or below your Flash content: Switch to Admin Panel Click on "Installation"->"Live Chat Button" in the menu Choose "Fo...

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