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Orange arrow How do I integrate Twitter with the Ticketing System? I want to capture Twitter mentions as Tickets.

  Integrate your company Twitter account to your LiveHelpNow account and act on socially driven support inquiries and sales opportunities. Search tweets that include your company name or other keywords and create Tickets with a single click. Monitor important topics like competitors, trends in yo...
Orange arrow I installed the live help chat feature.. but now I'm thinking I want to try out the ticket system. Do I need to download new software or make any changes to the code on the site?

  Once live chat system is installed on your website your customers will be asked to submit a ticket when all operators under your account are offline.You can also install "Submit a Ticket" button on your website separately from Chat button if you like.To do that please switch to Admin Panel, Click o...
Orange arrow How do I properly setup Email-Ticket Management so all my customer-company email communications are organized in the Operator Panel?

  How email-to-ticket integration works: The Email-to-ticket feature in the ticketing system organizes your customer emails by converting all customer email communications into a queue of organized, prioritized and assigned inquiries. With email-to-ticket, you will know exactly when an inquiry was ...
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Orange arrow Can I install LiveHelpNow as a Right Tab that shows available help options when clicked?

  With the LiveHelpNow HelpOut Tab®, you can display help options to visitors in a snappy right tab that follows them from page to page. It’s easy to setup and easy to customize – you don’t have to be a techie to change its appearance! The versatile Help Panel works with any c...
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Orange arrow What is a watcher? When should I add watchers to my support tickets? How do I do that?

  A quick Google search will tell you that a watcher is "a person who observes something attentively or regularly". The 'watchers' feature is best described as an 'ongoing carbon copy' of ticket updates to people that need to be kept informed of changes to the ticket's (or customer's) status. This ...
Orange arrow How do I remove Priority or Category field from Ticket submission form?

  To remove category or priority field from ticket submission form please follow these steps: Add "Private" category or priority value in Admin Panel->Ticket System->Customiation->Labels & Fields Remove all other category or priority values by leaving only private value in the list o...
Orange arrow Are there email templates I can use to help me respond to customer inquiries?

  Yes, the LiveHelpNow ticketing system streamlines customer communication with built in email templates. Create automated email responses for newly created tickets and changes in ticket status. There are 3 different auto responder email templates, depending on the status of the customer inquiry. Th...
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Orange arrow When customizing the knowledge base, how do I remove all ticket system references?

  To make this customization you will need to have a basic knowledge of CSS. Open the style.css file for your knowledge base. Knowledge base files can be found here. Please add this snippet of css code: #supportcenterbox {display:none;} Please add this snippet of css code: .box {display:...
Orange arrow How can I customize and publish multiple and completely different inquiry submission forms on my website(s)

  This article applies if you would like to: Have a different offline inquiry form for each of your websites or departments If you would like to add more input fields than ticket system already provides in Admin Panel->Ticket System->Customization->Labels & Fields If you would like ...
Orange arrow How do I create and setup a Mail Profile?

  All emails to your customers are relayed from LiveHelpNow mail servers by default. So all ticket notifications as well as chat transcript emails will be sent to your customers from @livehelpnow email address. If you would like to relay mail from your domain, it must host a relaxed livehelpnow-bas...
Orange arrow I am moving from another customer service system and would like to import my canned and knowledge base content into my LiveHelpNow account, is this possible?

  We would be very happy to import Knowledge base and Canned messages content into your LiveHelpnow account if the account has Paid subscription. Please provide an Excel spreadsheet or UTF-8 csv document in the following table format: Folder Folder Name Folder Name Canned Response Title C...
Orange arrow Can LiveHelpNow parse JSON formatted emails into tickets?

  Please follow these steps to accomplish Email parse containing JSON object. Make sure JSON you would like parsed is included in the email's Text MIME and not HTML MIME. It is best to send email without HTML MIME part so email is sent as plain text body containing JSON you want parsed. Indicate ...
Orange arrow How to securely exchange confidential information in a chat session or an email/ticket?

  At LiveHelpNow, we don't only know how to spell security – we’re big believers in it. In the past, our chat sessions and emails have been great for holding secure online conversations with prospects and clients but there was no simple way to securely share confidential information. Tha...
Orange arrow How do i support multiple brands/organization units with LiveHelpNow Email Ticketing System

  LiveHelpNow system may be used to support one or multiple (unlimited) brands from the same account. Besides ability to completely customize customer views to match the brand, you may also route requests to proper skill/department within your account responsible to handle the brand or organization u...
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Orange arrow How do i configure my account to support right-to-left languages (Arabic script and hebrew alphabet)?

  To configure Chat window to support right-to-left alphabet please follow these simple steps: Admin panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window Select the chat window you would like to be used for right-to-left alphabet Scroll down to find "Text direction" setting Change to "right ...

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