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Orange arrow How do I make it so my operators only see activity in their departments?

  In order to accomplish this you will need to setup department routing for your account. -->Setup departments one for each website. In admin panel->my account->departments, and assign each operator to the correct department. -->Record department numbers for all (write them down) -->Create...
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Orange arrow How do I setup Ticket Triggers? I want to manage support emails with my own business rules.

  Ticket Triggers allow you to setup automated rules to manage the support emails, web form submissions, and Twitter tweets you receive via LiveHelpNow Email-Ticket Management. Ticket triggers provide too many benefits to catalog; ranging from smart ticket routing to SLA management to custom notific...
Orange arrow How do I integrate Twitter with the Ticketing System? I want to capture Twitter mentions as Tickets.

  Integrate your company Twitter account to your LiveHelpNow account and act on socially driven support inquiries and sales opportunities. Search tweets that include your company name or other keywords and create Tickets with a single click. Monitor important topics like competitors, trends in yo...
Orange arrow How do I remove Priority or Category field from Ticket submission form?

  To remove category or priority field from ticket submission form please follow these steps: Add "Private" category or priority value in Admin Panel->Ticket System->Customiation->Labels & Fields Remove all other category or priority values by leaving only private value in the list o...
Orange arrow I need to silently install the Alerter software on computers in our Network, is this possible?

  The LiveHelpNow Alerter package file has an .msi extension (livehelpnow.msi my be downloaded from ), and you may manipulate it using the msiexec utility. For installation, use the /i and /qb switches. Use the /l* switch to produce a log file. You can provide nam...
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Orange arrow What extra permissions can I give to an operator?

  With LiveHelpNow you have full control over the content each operator is able to view and manage. The following ‘Extra Permissions’ are found in Admin panel -> My Account -> Operators (select operator profile) You can make any operator an Administrator with full access to your ...
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Orange arrow Can I hide the chat button when I am offline?

  You may install a chat button code which will show a transparent image when all operators under your account are offline which will make the chat feature invisible on your website during offline hours. By hiding chat button during offline hours, you are closing your business' door for customers wh...
Orange arrow How do I change the automatic logout settings for my operators?

  There are 2 different ways to change the auto logout settings for your operators: 1. Administrators can setup an ‘Offline Schedule’ to logout everyone at the same time every day. The Offline Schedule can be found in Admin panel -> Chat System -> System setup -> System setting...
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Orange arrow How do I create departments and assign operators to them?

  Department routing is a great way to connect customers to the operators that can help them most effectively, with as little delay as possible. You can distribute your operators into departments based on their skill level, organizational role, or the web property that they service for you. To crea...
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Orange arrow How do I setup my LiveHelpNow chat account in order to meet HIPAA and PCI privacy rules?

  The following settings must be applied for LiveHelpNow Chat accounts to meet HIPAA privacy requirements. Force secure chatting: Remove email and print icons on the chat window: Deselect 'Operators can send...
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