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Category: Troubleshooting
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Orange arrow Why does the HelpOut Tab display behind the scrollbar in Internet Explorer?

  IE with Issue IE with fix This is a common issue found when using bootstrap type responsive css files. Please search the css file for something similar to the following: @-ms-viewport{width:device-width} If you remove this part of the CSS it will resolve the issue....
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Orange arrow The panel does not load or freezes in IE 11 within Windows 7. How can I fix this?

  When upgrading to IE 11 for Windows 7 the panel may not work or freeze. To resolve this, please close the Alerter and browser altogether, then follow the following steps: 1. Go to the start menu and type "Internet Options". 2. Click the "Advanced" tab. 3. Click on the "Reset..." button. *You ma...
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Orange arrow Why is there a message when installing the Alerter that says: "Object already exists"?

  This issue is caused by a windows update. To resolve this issue you must first go to your start menu and click on Control Panel.Then click on Programs.Then click View installed updates. After that, click on Search installed updates.Then type: KB2918614 Then right-click on the update an...
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Orange arrow How do I use a traceroute to diagnose network routing issues?

  The troubleshooting steps in this support article should only be taken by your network administrator when diagnosing network connectivity issues. Please refer to this article for a complete list of troubleshooting steps: There is a common utility known ...
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Orange arrow Why don’t I receive SMS notifications on my phone when I have incoming chats?

  Mobile Chat works with any smartphone that has internet access. For basic setup instructions please review the LiveHelpNow MobileChat guide. If you’re still not receiving SMS chat notifications please follow the steps below: Go to Admin panel -> Chat System -> System setup -> Mob...
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Orange arrow I am using SonicWall on my network and LiveHelpNow operator panel sometimes does not load. It happens randomly.

  This solution applies only to SonicWall users having intermitten connectivity issues with LiveHelpNow operator panel: To resolve the issue please follow these steps On the SonicWall please go to http://lanip/diag.html Click on Internal Settings Find the setting Enforce Host Tag Search for CFS...
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Orange arrow I get warnings about unsecured content after adding a chat button to my https website, why is that?

  LiveHelpNow chat button code will automatically detect secure pages and secure all chat sessions started on those pages with financial grade 256 bit SSL encryption. It is also possible to force secured chat sessions, even on unsecured pages. If your internet browser gives you warnings about 'unsec...
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Orange arrow How do I fix the problem where hyperlinks don't work within the panel?

  To solve the issue where links will not open new windows or tabs within the panel on windows, go to the start menu and type "run" within the search bar. Open the run program and copy the following within the textbox: regsvr32 "c:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll" Then click ok...
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Orange arrow I am getting "This installation package could not be opened" error while installing Alerter

  What does "This installation package could not be opened" mean? There are at least three reasons why you might see the message This installation package could not be opened when trying to install LiveHelpNow. MSI file is on a network drive If you browse to a shared network folder and dou...
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Orange arrow LiveHelpNow Alerter does not load operator panel and showing "page not secure" message

  Due to Poodle SSLv3 vulnarability discovered earlier this week we no longer support SSLv3. If you are unable to load operator panel in Alerter please make sure that TLS is enabled in your Internet Explorer by following this article. If you are using Windows XP, please see this article: Unable to...
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Orange arrow Unable to install/use LiveHelpNow Alerter on Windows XP

  LiveHelpNow will officially end support for Windows XP on December 31st, 2014. Microsoft stopped supporting windows XP earlier this year. If you are still using Windows XP you need to make sure that you are running Windows XP Service Pack 3 Also that you are running the latest .net framework ava...
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Orange arrow We cannot copy or paste from the LiveHelpNow alerter

  This issue is caused by windows update KB3058739 and an old version of Spectorsoft employee monitoring software. Please install the lastest update from Spectorsoft to resolve this issue....
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Orange arrow Why does time duration in reports show as time in Excel?

  By default, Excel displays the format hh:mm:ss as time am/pm when clicked whether it is real time or time duration. This is just they way Excel views the data within the cell, but you may still add time duration if needed. As refered to an article from Microsoft here are the steps to take to ac...
Orange arrow When installing LiveHelpNow on Windows PC i get error 2503 followed by 2502

  Whenever you try to install or update LiveHelpNow Windows App which uses an .msi installer, the installation gets up to the final step and the progress bar almost reaches the end, but the install suddenly fails with an error 2503, followed by an error 2502. The error is caused by insuficient perm...
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Orange arrow When I start live chat, I see the "Live chat is currently unavailabe" message.

  If you see "Live chat is currently unavailabe" message when you attempt to start live chat session in live chat software, this means you have banned your own IP address. "Live chat is currently unavailabe" message is only shown to customers whos IP Address was banned by one of your operators. To ...
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