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Orange arrow Why does the HelpOut Tab display behind the scrollbar in Internet Explorer?

  IE with Issue IE with fix This is a common issue found when using bootstrap type responsive css files. Please search the css file for something similar to the following: @-ms-viewport{width:device-width} If you remove this part of the CSS it will resolve the issue....
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Orange arrow Why does time duration in reports show as time in Excel?

  By default, Excel displays the format hh:mm:ss as time am/pm when clicked whether it is real time or time duration. This is just they way Excel views the data within the cell, but you may still add time duration if needed. As refered to an article from Microsoft here are the steps to take to ac...
Orange arrow I pasted the code on my page, but I cannot see any chat icon. Why?

  Call us, email us, chat with us. We are here to help you to get the software installed on your website professionally.If you do not have a webmaster, we are here to help! Absolutely free of charge.The installation takes about a minute when done by LiveHelpNow staff member.Phone: 877-LIVE-001Chat: C...
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Orange arrow My operator panel loads slowly, sometimes shows "Page not found" errors, or even freezes or shows unordered/messy information.

  The LiveHelpNow operator panel may be loading slowly because of internet connectivity issues, firewall settings on your network, or restrictions within the Internet Explorer browser. If you have determined that internet connectivity and firewall settings are not the issue, then please complete the...
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Orange arrow I received a pop-up invitation to chat after I installed the chat button code but now I do not see it.

  The auto-invitation is shown once per visitor per hour.This is done in this way to avoid irritating your visitors with constant invitations to chat. You may override this behavior by forcing invitation to show. If you are customizing the system, you don't have to wait another 60 minutes to view th...
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Orange arrow When i export analytics data, specifically Contact list reports, i am unable to view arabic characters

  Excel is not capable to process UTF-8 characters correctly when CSV is opened directly in Excel. The solution is to use data import: Save the exported file as a csv Open Excel Import the data using Data-->Import External Data --> Import Data Select the file type of "csv" and browse to ...
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Orange arrow Why is my live chat button showing ‘online’ when I am offline?

  Please check the following settings to resolve the issue: Sign into your Operator Panel, click [View operators] and make sure all operators are offline. Go to Admin panel -> Chat system -> System setup -> Mobile chat and make sure that Mobile Chat is set to ‘off’ or ‘...
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Orange arrow I just installed the LiveHelpNow iPhone App and I have found I am not getting notifications outside the app. Do I need to be in the app at all times to receive notifications?

  You will only receive notifications when you are not within the App itself. Please check to make sure you have push notifications on for the app. Go to Settings > Notifications > LiveHelpNow and set the settings how you would like. You also need to make sure you are logged in. Go to the Liv...
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Orange arrow Why are some of my chat sessions not showing up in the chat history?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software is designed to identify unique visitors on your website. Unique visitors are tracked by their IP addresses. When a unique visitor chats with you multiple times in the same day, all of his/her chats are merged into one session in the chat history. *If you prefer to re...
Orange arrow The invitation to chat is shown behind the flash object on my page, how do I fix it?

  If you have flash objects on your page the invitation might show behind it. To fix the conflict with Flash and live chat invitation, just add the following code to the Flash object. Locate the flash <object> tags. Add a new <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> tag between the &...
Orange arrow I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

  If you have forgotten your password please follow this link and an email will be sent to you with your password. If your email is not listed in the system (You do not receive a password reminder) please ask your administrator to lookup yo...
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Orange arrow How can I find out if my network is having trouble connecting to LiveHelpNow?

  LiveHelpNow is hosted on the cloud with facilities in different geographic areas of the US and Europe. If you experience slow loading of the operator panel, notice delays when sending & receiving messages, or get delayed alerts from the LiveHelpNow Alerter please check your network for connec...
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Orange arrow The Visitors/Chats grid in my operator panel is not displaying visitors correctly.

  LiveHelpNow chat button code monitors your website 24/7 and shows chatting, browsing, and recently departed visitors in the Operator Panel under Visitors/Chats. There are a number of settings that control what is shown in the visitor grid: Filter – located to the top-left of the visitor g...
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Orange arrow Why are graphics missing on my Knowledge Base articles? Everything shows up as text.

  The Knowledge Base includes a Q&A template for quick article creation. How to create an article. Article 'answers' can be formatted using a built in rich-text 'WYSIWYG' editor that takes your text and automatically generates the code that allows published articles to be viewed online. It is a...
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Orange arrow How do I stop LiveHelpNow Alerter from starting when Windows starts?

  1. Right click on LiveHelpNow icon in the system tray of your computer and select "Settings"2. Uncheck "Logon on startup" check box and click "Ok" button...
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