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Orange arrow How do I integrate Twitter with the Ticketing System? I want to capture Twitter mentions as Tickets.

  Integrate your company Twitter account to your LiveHelpNow account and act on socially driven support inquiries and sales opportunities. Search tweets that include your company name or other keywords and create Tickets with a single click. Monitor important topics like competitors, trends in yo...
Orange arrow Is there a way to pass information that our website already knows about a visitor to LiveHelpNow operator panel for our agents to see?

  Absolutely, we call it "Custom information Feed"Custom Information Feed Custom Information Feed is another valuable feature of LiveHelpNow Live Chat Software. It allows for a custom information to be passed from your website pages to the customer service agents servicing your LiveHelpNow Live Chat ...
Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software integrates with Google Analytics and Google AdWords, giving you powerful metrics that translate into dollars. With Google Analytics you can track a visitor to your website as he or she goes down the path to purchase: Your home page, then your product page, perhaps a ...
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Orange arrow Enabling SMS chat for your account to provide a better chat experience for mobile customers

  Ask yourself this: Would you prefer to ask a question using a phone call, email, live chat session or a text message? If you are like most people, you chose text. It is simply the most efficient and most convenient medium to get answers and get things done. Now ask yourself this: How many compani...
Orange arrow I would like to do additional programming on my website but I need to detect whether there are operators online under my account. Is this possible to determine?

  You would need to check the value of bLHNOnline JavaScript variable.The variable will be initialized by LiveHelpNow code on your site so you would need to check bLHNOnline variable's value after LiveHelpNow code installation on your page or in "onload" event of your page's body. <script>func...
Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow integrate with SalesForce? How do I setup the integration?

  * This article should be read by the SalesForce administrator in your organization * Referenced link: LiveHelpNow on AppExchange Puprpose of SalesForce integration Send all of your live chat sales leads and customer service inquiries to Salesforce CRM automatically. Highly configurable an...
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Orange arrow How do I export chat transcripts for my records?

  LiveHelpNow makes past chat transcripts available for you to view for 90 days. If you’d like chats saved longer for your records, there are a number of ways to export them: Email transcripts- You can have every chat transcript sent to you by entering an email address in Admin panel > C...
Orange arrow Is there a way for LiveHelpNow to push customer data such as Name, Email, Chat transcript, Offline message, etc. to my contact management system automatically, in realtime?

  * This article should be read by a technical web person in your organization Introducing LiveHelpNow Eventing API (Webhooks) No more manually calling an API, no more transfer delays, and no more frustrated developers. Eventing, which acts as a Streaming API, will allow you to receive full...
Orange arrow I see visitors browsing Brand A website routed to Brand B, why?

  LiveHelpNow uses IP address to track visitors. We do not utilize cookies to comply with privacy laws. This may create potential issues when two or more visitors browsing your website from the same public IP address at the same time. You may see for example pages tracked for a visitor routed to Br...
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Orange arrow Can I still use LiveHelpNow events with Google Tag Manager?

  If you are using Google Tag Manager on your website for your Google Analytics you will need to check the "Tracker Name" checkbox within your Google Analytic Tag to continue using the LiveHelpNow events. To enable "Tracker Name" checkbox:1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager Account2. Within your Co...
Orange arrow I would like to provide operators with additional information about the visitor by displaying a custom iframe with custom SRC attribute within operator panel when visitor is selected, is this possibl

  You may load a custom iframe into the operator panel loading custom web page located on your website when visitor is selected by utilizing custom information feed. Specifically lhnCustom1, lhnCustom2 or lhnCustom3 located within LiveHelpNow code installed on your website. For example this code...
Orange arrow How do i assign live chat originating via SMS to a specific department?

  Please follow these steps to route live chat originating via SMS to a specific department: Record Portal Id for the SMS provisioned phone number in Admin panel->My account->Integrations->SMS->Configure Configure a new visitor trigger to route SMS chat for the provisioned phone numbe...
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Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow integrate with ZenDesk?

  LiveHelpNow help desk software features enterprise class email management system tightly integrated with LiveHelpNow live chat system producing integrated contact history, chat to ticket and ticket to chat flows and many other native interactions between the two systems. For those of our users who ...
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Orange arrow Can LiveHelpNow parse JSON formatted emails into tickets?

  Please follow these steps to accomplish Email parse containing JSON object. Make sure JSON you would like parsed is included in the email's Text MIME and not HTML MIME. It is best to send email without HTML MIME part so email is sent as plain text body containing JSON you want parsed. Indicate ...
Orange arrow How to securely exchange confidential information in a chat session or an email/ticket?

  At LiveHelpNow, we don't only know how to spell security – we’re big believers in it. In the past, our chat sessions and emails have been great for holding secure online conversations with prospects and clients but there was no simple way to securely share confidential information. Tha...

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