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Orange arrow How do I change the Chat, Ticket and Callback button images shown by HelpOut Tab?

  To change the Chat, Ticket and Callback button images shown by HelpOut tab please add this style to the page where HelpOut tab code is installed: You can also change the main tab image for the HelpOut Tab. CHAT: <style> .lhn_live_chat_btn, .lhn_live_chat_btn:visited { ...
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Orange arrow How can I move the HelpOut tab lower or higher on my webpage?

  You may do this by adding the following CSS styles to your webpage: <style type="text/css"> .lhn_help_btn{ top: 125px !important; } .lhn_help_container{ top: 115px !important; } </style> Just change both (top:) numbers to desired values to move the tab lower or hi...
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Orange arrow I would like to open my ticket submission form instead of LiveHelpNow ticket submission form when "Submit a ticket" button is clicked in helpOut tab, is it possible?

  To have the "Submit a ticket" in helpOut tab open a custom URL please add this to helpOut tab code installed on your website: var lhnTicketURL='YOUR_CUSTOM_URL';...
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Orange arrow Why does the HelpOut Tab display behind the scrollbar in Internet Explorer?

  IE with Issue IE with fix This is a common issue found when using bootstrap type responsive css files. Please search the css file for something similar to the following: @-ms-viewport{width:device-width} If you remove this part of the CSS it will resolve the issue....
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Orange arrow My HelpOutTab buttons are flickering/scrolling when I hover on them?

  If you notice your buttons within the HelpOutTab panel scrolling or flickering on hover this could be caused due to a peice of CSS on your website. In most cases this will come from a -webkit-transition-property on "a" tags. To fix this issue, please add the following line of code to your CSS file....
Orange arrow How do I execute a custom JavaScript when HelpOut tab is fully loaded?

  The HelpOut tab load event is fired when HelpOut Tab is fully loaded. There is a way to trigger custom code on HelpOut tab load event: HelpOut Tab executes the following function upon load, so by simply having this function on the page where HelpOut Tab is hosted will run its code:function LHN...
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Orange arrow How do I make the HelpOut tab disappear when all operators are offline?

  To accomplish this please use the following script within the same pages where the HelpOut tab is: <script type="text/javascript"> function LHN_button_onLoad() { if (bLHNOnline == 0) { document.getElementById('lhn_help_btn').style.display =...
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Orange arrow How do I change the tab image shown by HelpOut Tab?

  To change the tab image shown by HelpOut Tab please add this style to the page where HelpOut tab code is installed:You can also change HelpOut Tab Chat, Ticket and Callback button images. <style> .lhn_help_btn, .lhn_help_btn:visited { background: url("
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Orange arrow Is there a way to have a link or image on my webpage to open HelpOut Tab panel on click?

  You may apply "lhn_open_panel" CSS class to any element on your web page to instruct it to open HelpOut Tab panel on click like so:<a href="#" class="lhn_open_panel">Help</a> There are a variety of other ways to customize the HelpOut Tab:
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Orange arrow Can I hide the HelpOut Tab / Live Chat button on Mobile Phones?

  You can hide the HelpOut Tab on mobile phone by using a CSS media query. @media screen and (max-width: 480px){ .lhn_help_btn{ display: none !important; } } To hide Live chat button use this CSS: @media screen and (max-width: 480px){ #lhnChatButton{ display: none !impor...
Orange arrow Can I install LiveHelpNow as a Right Tab that shows available help options when clicked?

  With the LiveHelpNow HelpOut Tab®, you can display help options to visitors in a snappy right tab that follows them from page to page. It’s easy to setup and easy to customize – you don’t have to be a techie to change its appearance! The versatile Help Panel works with any c...
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Orange arrow Is it possible to supply and pre-fill on the pre-chat form already known information by our website such as customer name, email, etc?

  You may easily supply pre-chat fields to be pre-filled within the pre-chat window so customer does not have to provide an already known by your website/service information. Here are the easy steps: Make sure that every prechat field is linked to a CRM field in Admin panel->Chat system->Cu...

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