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Orange arrow how do I remove the email and print icons on a chat window?

  This article requires a knowledge of css, and css for the LiveHelpNow chat window. To remove the email and print options on the chat window please do the following: If using default LiveHelpNow CSS for the chat window please cimply change CSS file URL location in admin panel->chat system->c...
Orange arrow How do I customize chat window with CSS

  Login to your account and switch to Admin Panel Proceed to Chat System ->Customization-> Chat window Click [+] Add Window Customization or edit an existing window. Download sample CSS file or use this one: Modify the file with the st...
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Orange arrow Can I force https secure chats on http pages?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software code snippets automatically detect if the chat window is being launched on a secured page and opens a 256-bit AES (financial grade) SSL secured chat session accordingly. You can force a chat window to always secure chat sessions without making code changes. Simply sw...
Orange arrow I would like to hide LiveHelpNow URL in the chat window and use my domain URL, is it possible?

  To accomplish URL masking* and white label your chat window please do the following: Add CNAME record for your domain and point it to i.e. in CNAME Install LiveHelpNow chat button code and add the following javascript code on your web...
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Orange arrow I would like to redirect the visitor to a custom offline contact form which already exists on my site instead of opening LiveHelpNow "leave a message" form, is this possible?

  Yes it is possible by simply inserting this function to the page where LiveHelpNow is installed. Please change LHNACCOUNTID with NUMERIC portion of your LiveHelpNow account # and YOUR OFFLINE FORM URL with URL on your site to redirect the visitor to. <SCRIPT> function CustomOpenLHNChat(){...
Orange arrow How do I create and setup a Mail Profile?

  All emails to your customers are relayed from LiveHelpNow mail servers by default. So all ticket notifications as well as chat transcript emails will be sent to your customers from @livehelpnow email address. If you would like to relay mail from your domain, it must host a relaxed livehelpnow-bas...
Orange arrow Is it possible to supply and pre-fill on the pre-chat form already known information by our website such as customer name, email, etc?

  You may easily supply pre-chat fields to be pre-filled within the pre-chat window so customer does not have to provide an already known by your website/service information. Here are the easy steps: Make sure that every prechat field is linked to a CRM field in Admin panel->Chat system->Cu...
Orange arrow How do I customize multiple chat windows for different languages

  Create a new chat window for each language you would like to support in Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window Please go to the following to change the statements in each chat window to match your language. Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization &g...
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