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Orange arrow How do I customize a chat invitation window, can I have more than one?

  Your LiveHelpNow account may have multiple chat invitation windows configured. Here are the steps to accomplish this: Proceed to Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Invitation window Click "+ Add invitation window" button Configure chat invitation per your requirements. The follo...
Orange arrow The invitation to chat is shown behind the flash object on my page, how do I fix it?

  If you have flash objects on your page the invitation might show behind it. To fix the conflict with Flash and live chat invitation, just add the following code to the Flash object. Locate the flash <object> tags. Add a new <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> tag between the &...
Orange arrow Is it possible to trigger a chat invitation based on user action, for example if there are products in the shopping cart?

  It is possible to trigger chat invitation programmatically on your website. For example you would like to display chat invitation to a visitor with special product in his/her shopping cart. Or pop an invitation to live chat to a visitor who is about to leave your site without completing a purchase...
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Orange arrow How do I mute the sound when chat invitation is shown for my visitors?

  When live chat proactive or auto invitation is presented to the visitor of your web site it is followed by the chime door bell sound.If you would like to mute this sound please do the following:change this code: var lhnInviteChime = 0; with this code: var lhnInviteChime = 1;...
Orange arrow How do I show a custom chat invitation message tailored to unique visitor information?

  Upon visitor arrival to your website you may want to display a custom invitation message containing information you may already know about the visitor. i.e. "Thank you for visiting our e-store again, Scott, please click [Start Chat] link should you require any assistance" The message will a...
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Orange arrow I would like to use my own invitation to chat that I designed, can I do that?

  Yes, here's what you need to do:Please either ask LiveHelpNow engineer or your webmaster to help you implement the steps described in this support article: Within the LiveHelpNow Live Chat installation code or HelpOut Tab code add this variable var lhnCustomInvitation = '1'.This tells LiveHelpNo...
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