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Orange arrow I would like to hide the tab for the embedded window when all agents are offline

  To hide the tab for the mbedded widget installation when all agents are offline please add the following JavaScript code anywhere on the page where embedded chat widget is installed: <script> function lhnStatusUpdate(){ if(lhnJsSdk.isOnline == false){ document.getElementBy...
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Orange arrow How do i customize Embedded widget to closely match my website colors?

  Embedded widget does not use iFrame and is just another DOM element on your web page allowing to completely style it by using CSS residing within your website styles. Here are all of the elements of the Embedded Widget available to be styled: /* Live Chat button/tab styles */ #lhnHocButton .l...
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Orange arrow How do i change title, button text, etc. on the Embedded Widget?

  To change default labels/text shown within the embedded widget you will need to modify the Embedded widget code to include dictionary as shown below. window.lhnJsSdkInit = function () { .... lhnJsSdk.controls = [{ .... }]; lhnJsSdk.dictionary = { agentConnecting: "Connecting to ag...
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