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Orange arrow How do I customize a chat invitation window, can I have more than one?

  Your LiveHelpNow account may have multiple chat invitation windows configured. Here are the steps to accomplish this: Proceed to Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Invitation window Click "+ Add invitation window" button Configure chat invitation per your requirements. The follo...
Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow integrate with ZenDesk?

  LiveHelpNow help desk software features enterprise class email management system tightly integrated with LiveHelpNow live chat system producing integrated contact history, chat to ticket and ticket to chat flows and many other native interactions between the two systems. For those of our users who ...
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Orange arrow I updated to windows 10, now the alerter does not give sound notifcations, why?

  When updating to windows 10, the alerter's sound properties become part of the audio mixer. Here are the steps to turn the volume up on the alerter in Windows 10:Step 1:Locate the audio properties on your task bar:Step 2:Then right click on the audio icon and select, "Open Volume Mixer"Step 3:Locat...
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Orange arrow I pasted the code on my page, but I cannot see any chat icon. Why?

  Call us, email us, chat with us. We are here to help you to get the software installed on your website professionally.If you do not have a webmaster, we are here to help! Absolutely free of charge.The installation takes about a minute when done by LiveHelpNow staff member.Phone: 877-LIVE-001Chat: C...
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Orange arrow Is there a way to pass information that our website already knows about a visitor to LiveHelpNow operator panel for our agents to see?

  Absolutely, we call it "Custom information Feed"Custom Information Feed Custom Information Feed is another valuable feature of LiveHelpNow Live Chat Software. It allows for a custom information to be passed from your website pages to the customer service agents servicing your LiveHelpNow Live Chat ...
Orange arrow I just installed the LiveHelpNow iPhone App and I have found I am not getting notifications outside the app. Do I need to be in the app at all times to receive notifications?

  You will only receive notifications when you are not within the App itself. Please check to make sure you have push notifications on for the app. Go to Settings > Notifications > LiveHelpNow and set the settings how you would like. You also need to make sure you are logged in. Go to the Liv...
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Orange arrow How do I accept chat request and how do I transfer it to another operator or department?

  Please watch this short video showing the steps to accept and transfer chat requests ...
Orange arrow Can I view visitors raw log data (IP Address, Hostname, etc.) for more than 2 days?

  LiveHelpNow stores visitor raw log data (IP Address, Hostname, etc.) for 48 hrs. The raw data is analyzed every 24 hours and compiled into individual reports (i.e. visitors by country/city, referrers, computer type, search keywords, search engines, chat session origin, and many, many more) Once...
Orange arrow How do I manage the chat windows when I am chatting with more than one customer?

  LiveHelpNow is very proud to introduce "color driven chat", designed for stess-free simultaneous chatting.Here's how easy it is to chat with multiple customers at the same time in the LiveHelpNow live chat software operator panel:Each chatting visitor is marked with a colored icon according to his/...
Orange arrow Can your system be used with dynamic and secure web pages? Does it work properly on Linux hosting?

  LiveHelpNow system will work on any website, any webpage, any architecture!When you install LiveHelpNow system on your website all you do is copy paste a small snippet of HTML code which has all functionality included....
Orange arrow Does your software offer visitor tracking?

  Yes, full real-time visitor monitoring is provided in the LiveHelpNow chat button code installed on your website. You will be able to see how visitors are finding your site, how long they stay, their physical location and company ISP, and other info.According to LiveHelpNow EULA every account must ...
Orange arrow How do I view the session History for a visitor? (The pages that a visitor has visited in this Particular Session on my Web site).

  1. Select a visitor in the visitors grid: 2. Click on "Nav history" tab to see navigation history. ...
Orange arrow How do I show operator photos in the chat window for my customers to make it more personal

  To have operators' photos show in the chat window please do the following: Go to Admin Panel -> My Account -> Departments and select the department the operators are in. Check 'Display Operator's Photo In Chat' and select 'Update department'. Upload photographs for each operator in this ...
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Orange arrow  How fast can chat be set up on my site?

  A non-technical person can have chat system setup within 10 minutes.A technical person within 3 minutes....
Orange arrow Can I download the software and install it on my server?

  Unfortunately. or rather fortunately, LiveHelpNow's live chat software is SaaS (Software as a Service) which means it cannot be hosted on your server. Why is this fortunate? Because with SaaS services like LiveHelpNow you do not need to worry about maintaining the software, securing it and upgradi...

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