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Orange arrow Can you explain what's behind email-to-ticket functionality and how secure is it?

  Once you set up automatic email forwarding, your company emails will be forwarded to LiveHelpNow’s ticketing system email, which will then lead to ticket creation right in your operator panel. The process is fully automated, fully secure, and very convenient. Our email server is hosted by Ra...
Orange arrow How do I setup Ticket Triggers? I want to manage support emails with my own business rules.

  Ticket Triggers allow you to setup automated rules to manage the support emails, web form submissions, and Twitter tweets you receive via LiveHelpNow Email-Ticket Management. Ticket triggers provide too many benefits to catalog; ranging from smart ticket routing to SLA management to custom notific...
Orange arrow Can LiveHelpNow parse JSON formatted emails into tickets?

  Please follow these steps to accomplish Email parse containing JSON object. Make sure JSON you would like parsed is included in the email's Text MIME and not HTML MIME. It is best to send email without HTML MIME part so email is sent as plain text body containing JSON you want parsed. Indicate ...
Orange arrow How do I properly setup Email-Ticket Management so all my customer-company email communications are organized in the Operator Panel?

  How email-to-ticket integration works: The Email-to-ticket feature in the ticketing system organizes your customer emails by converting all customer email communications into a queue of organized, prioritized and assigned inquiries. With email-to-ticket, you will know exactly when an inquiry was ...
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Orange arrow What is LiveHelpNow? What does it do? How does it help? Why is it the best help desk software today?

  LiveHelpNow is the most comprehensive customer service solution on the market today with 6 years in a row being awarded #1 spot by TopTenREVIEWS and being included in Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies Superb multi branding abilities allowing a call center of any size use LiveHelpNow to s...
Orange arrow What is Email-Ticket Management and why do I need it?

  What currently happens if a customer issue or question is reported but you can't address it immediately?How do customer issues or questions even get communicated, probably email or contact form?What quality assurance do you have in place to make sure that a customer question or issue has actually b...
Orange arrow How do I create and setup a Mail Profile?

  All emails to your customers are relayed from LiveHelpNow mail servers by default. So all ticket notifications as well as chat transcript emails will be sent to your customers from @livehelpnow email address. If you would like to relay mail from your domain, it must host a relaxed livehelpnow-bas...
Orange arrow How can I customize and publish multiple and completely different inquiry submission forms on my website(s)

  This article applies if you would like to: Have a different offline inquiry form for each of your websites or departments If you would like to add more input fields than ticket system already provides in Admin Panel->Ticket System->Customization->Labels & Fields If you would like ...

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