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Orange arrow I would like to publish our Knowledge Base so it can be accessed by our customers, what are the steps?

  You may need the help of your webmaster to publish your Knowledge Base. Here are the steps:1. Login to your LiveHelpNow account, Switch to admin panel and go to Knowledge -> Publish. 2. Add CNAME record for your domain and point it to, i.e. poin...
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Orange arrow How do i point a subdomain for my domain to my Knowledge Base System account?

  What is CNAME record A CNAME, or Canonical Name, record is an entry within the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies where a user can find your web pages, or any other URL. You'll use this to associate your custom domain with your Knowledge Base System hosted by LiveHelpNow. First decide on a...
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Orange arrow When customizing the knowledge base, how do I remove all ticket system references?

  To make this customization you will need to have a basic knowledge of CSS. Open the style.css file for your knowledge base. Knowledge base files can be found here. Please add this snippet of css code: #supportcenterbox {display:none;} Please add this snippet of css code: .box {display:...

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