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Orange arrow Is there an easy way to link articles together in my Knowledge Base?

  Yes absolutely. The video below shows how to search for other articles within the Knowledge Base article editor and drop in direct article links.Please note: Only administrators can create or edit Knowledge Base articles. Need more guidance? Learn how to create a Knowledge Base article from scratch...
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Orange arrow Why are graphics missing on my Knowledge Base articles? Everything shows up as text.

  The Knowledge Base includes a Q&A template for quick article creation. How to create an article. Article 'answers' can be formatted using a built in rich-text 'WYSIWYG' editor that takes your text and automatically generates the code that allows published articles to be viewed online. It is a...
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Orange arrow How do I create a new Knowledge Base article?

  It’s easy to add a new article using the question & answer template built into the Knowledge Base. You can format article text in a variety of ways and even embed pictures and videos into your articles.Please note: Only administrators & operators with permission can create Knowledge Base ar...
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