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Orange arrow I pasted the code on my page, but I cannot see any chat icon. Why?

  Call us, email us, chat with us. We are here to help you to get the software installed on your website professionally.If you do not have a webmaster, we are here to help! Absolutely free of charge.The installation takes about a minute when done by LiveHelpNow staff member.Phone: 877-LIVE-001Chat: C...
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Orange arrow How do I install live chat as a link instead of a button, or link already existing graphical element on my page to open chat window?

  Please install LiveHelpNow code first on your page. You can find the code for it in Admin Panel -> Chat System -> Installation For classic popup style code please use OpenLHNChat() JavaScript function on your page like this:<a href="#" onclick="OpenLHNChat();return false;">Text or Image...
Orange arrow Can I monitor visitor traffic on my eBay auction page?

  LiveHelpNow visitor monitoring is fully enabled on an eBay auction page.eBay however does not allow installation of a Live Chat button on auction pages, only on eBay store pages the live chat button installation is allowed.If you would like to monitor traffic on eBay auction pages you would need to...
Orange arrow Can I use custom live chat online/offline buttons/images instead of the ones you provide?

  To use your, custom chat icons please follow these steps: Login to your account Switch to Admin panel Choose Chat System ->Installation-> Live Chat Button Choose "On a website" (first option) You will be presented with collection of live chat buttons we stock. Scroll all the way down t...

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