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Orange arrow I have multiple web sites I would like to support. Is this possible with LiveHelpNow ?

  Absolutely.You can use one LiveHelpNow account to provide support on unlimited websites.Moreover, we let you customize chat windows for each of your sites so they look like the site they are installed on yet connecting customers to the same operator!This article has more information on how to setup...
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Orange arrow How do I manage the chat windows when I am chatting with more than one customer?

  LiveHelpNow is very proud to introduce "color driven chat", designed for stess-free simultaneous chatting.Here's how easy it is to chat with multiple customers at the same time in the LiveHelpNow live chat software operator panel:Each chatting visitor is marked with a colored icon according to his/...
Orange arrow How do i support multiple languages/brands/organization units with LiveHelpNow Email Ticketing System

  LiveHelpNow system may be used to support one or multiple (unlimited) brands or languages from the same account. Besides ability to completely customize customer views to match the brand, you may also route requests to proper skill/department within your account responsible to handle the brand or o...
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