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Orange arrow I would like to open my ticket submission form instead of LiveHelpNow ticket submission form when "Submit a ticket" button is clicked in helpOut tab, is it possible?

  To have the "Submit a ticket" in helpOut tab open a custom URL please add this to helpOut tab code installed on your website: var lhnTicketURL='YOUR_CUSTOM_URL';...
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Orange arrow I would like to install LiveHelpNow as a link which will hide when all operators are offline.

  Here are steps by step instructions: This step is only required if LiveHelpNow chat or helpOut button code is not already installed on your web page: Install invisible button code anywhere on your web page. Invisible button code may be found in Admin Panel->Chat system->installation->...
Orange arrow The invitation to chat is shown behind the flash object on my page, how do I fix it?

  If you have flash objects on your page the invitation might show behind it. To fix the conflict with Flash and live chat invitation, just add the following code to the Flash object. Locate the flash <object> tags. Add a new <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> tag between the &...
Orange arrow How do I install live chat as a link instead of a button, or link already existing graphical element on my page to open chat window?

  Please install LiveHelpNow code first on your page. You can find the code for it in Admin Panel -> Chat System -> Installation For classic popup style code please use OpenLHNChat() JavaScript function on your page like this:<a href="#" onclick="OpenLHNChat();return false;">Text or Image...
Orange arrow Can I force https secure chats on http pages?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software code snippets automatically detect if the chat window is being launched on a secured page and opens a 256-bit AES (financial grade) SSL secured chat session accordingly. You can force a chat window to always secure chat sessions without making code changes. Simply sw...
Orange arrow I would like to use my own invitation to chat that I designed, can I do that?

  Yes, here's what you need to do:Please either ask LiveHelpNow engineer or your webmaster to help you implement the steps described in this support article: Within the LiveHelpNow Live Chat installation code or HelpOut Tab code add this variable var lhnCustomInvitation = '1'.This tells LiveHelpNo...
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