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Orange arrow I just installed the LiveHelpNow iPhone App and I have found I am not getting notifications outside the app. Do I need to be in the app at all times to receive notifications?

  You will only receive notifications when you are not within the App itself. Please check to make sure you have push notifications on for the app. Go to Settings > Notifications > LiveHelpNow and set the settings how you would like. You also need to make sure you are logged in. Go to the Liv...
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Orange arrow New visitor notification sometimes is very late or not shows at all, why is that?

  New visitor notification may be set in Alerter settings and it is designed to alert operators of new visitor arrival. New visitor notification will only show if the following is true: The Operator Panel must be closed or minimized. If operator panel is open, the Alerter will assume that the o...
Orange arrow How do I manage ticket notifications? Who gets notified, when, and why?

  The LiveHelpNow ticketing system is designed to help you manage customer inquiries by notifying specific people when a new ticket is submitted or if there's an update to an existing ticket. You can manage all of your support emails with Email-Ticket Management by setting up email-to-ticket integrat...
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Orange arrow How will I know when someone enters the chat?

  If you are using LiveHelpNow operator console ( and your status is "Online" you will see a notification immediately after visitor starts a new chat session.If you are using web-based operator console you will hear a "door-bell" sound and the visitor who started th...

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