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Orange arrow Can I view visitors raw log data (IP Address, Hostname, etc.) for more than 2 days?

  LiveHelpNow stores visitor raw log data (IP Address, Hostname, etc.) for 48 hrs. The raw data is analyzed every 24 hours and compiled into individual reports (i.e. visitors by country/city, referrers, computer type, search keywords, search engines, chat session origin, and many, many more) Once...
Orange arrow how do I remove the email and print icons on a chat window?

  This article requires a knowledge of css, and css for the LiveHelpNow chat window. To remove the email and print options on the chat window please do the following: If using default LiveHelpNow CSS for the chat window please cimply change CSS file URL location in admin panel->chat system->c...
Orange arrow Is any software downloaded on my visitors computer when they visit my Websites?

  Absolutely not.Moreover, we do NOT place cookies on your customers' computers as per our Privacy Policy....
Orange arrow How many web agents does my site require?

  It all depends on how many visitors your site receives daily.On average 1 chat agent for each 50 daily visitors should be sufficient.So if your site serves 200 unique visitors daily it is recommended to have 4 chat agents assuming the live chat button is installed in visible location on your websit...
Orange arrow Does your software offer visitor tracking?

  Yes, full real-time visitor monitoring is provided in the LiveHelpNow chat button code installed on your website. You will be able to see how visitors are finding your site, how long they stay, their physical location and company ISP, and other info.According to LiveHelpNow EULA every account must ...
Orange arrow New visitor notification sometimes is very late or not shows at all, why is that?

  New visitor notification may be set in Alerter settings and it is designed to alert operators of new visitor arrival. New visitor notification will only show if the following is true: The Operator Panel must be closed or minimized. If operator panel is open, the Alerter will assume that the o...
Orange arrow What are the requirements for a visitor who wants to chat with me?

  The only requirement in the live chat software is that the browser the visitor uses has JavaScript enabled. Currently 99.99% of browsers have JavaScript enabled due a majority of websites utilizing JavaScript functionality. JavaScript is very safe and in no way can be used to damage visitor's comp...
Orange arrow How will I know when someone enters the chat?

  If you are using LiveHelpNow operator console ( and your status is "Online" you will see a notification immediately after visitor starts a new chat session.If you are using web-based operator console you will hear a "door-bell" sound and the visitor who started th...

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