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Orange arrow Can I download the software and install it on my server?

  Unfortunately. or rather fortunately, LiveHelpNow's live chat software is SaaS (Software as a Service) which means it cannot be hosted on your server. Why is this fortunate? Because with SaaS services like LiveHelpNow you do not need to worry about maintaining the software, securing it and upgradi...
Orange arrow How and where is Live Chat, Ticket and Knowledge Base data stored?

  All account data (chat transcripts, tickets, knowledge base articles) is stored at Rackspace data center in Virginia. The data is transmitted via 256bit encrypted SSL channel, stored behind a firewall and encrypted at rest. We use Transparent Data Encryption(TDE):
Orange arrow What is LiveHelpNow Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

  We understand it is important that our customers fully comprehend the terms that define our level of service. Particular aspects of our service are listed below: LiveHelpNow uses RackSpace as Third Party for private cloud hosting environment, network and hardware uptime.

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