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Orange arrow I just installed the LiveHelpNow iPhone App and I have found I am not getting notifications outside the app. Do I need to be in the app at all times to receive notifications?

  You will only receive notifications when you are not within the App itself. Please check to make sure you have push notifications on for the app. Go to Settings > Notifications > LiveHelpNow and set the settings how you would like. You also need to make sure you are logged in. Go to the Liv...
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Orange arrow how do I remove the email and print icons on a chat window?

  This article requires a knowledge of css, and css for the LiveHelpNow chat window. To remove the email and print options on the chat window please do the following: If using default LiveHelpNow CSS for the chat window please cimply change CSS file URL location in admin panel->chat system->c...
Orange arrow How do Proactive Chat Invitations work?

  Proactive messaging allows LiveHelpNow chat operators to proactively invite browsing visitors to chat by sending a custom tailored message based on visitor's location, a page the visitor is on or any other factors. Consider this: Your website sells cars. A visitor arrives to your website and L...
Orange arrow I have a responsive site. How do I change the live chat button when visitors are viewing my site on a mobile device?

  With the standard live chat button code on your website, please add the following to your website. Place this in your css. One is an online button the other is an offline button with the other as a common class. If the width and/or heights are different between the offline and online image, you...
Orange arrow How do I enable or disable auto invitation to chat?

  While generating Live Chat Button code in "Admin Panel->Installation" please make sure to check "Enable Auto Invitation" checkbox shown over the generated HTML code to enable automatic chat invitation, or uncheck to disable. You may also edit the code directly to disable/enable invitation in th...
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Orange arrow How do I create and setup a Mail Profile?

  All emails to your customers are relayed from LiveHelpNow mail servers by default. So all ticket notifications as well as chat transcript emails will be sent to your customers from @livehelpnow email address. If you would like to relay mail from your domain, it must host a relaxed livehelpnow-bas...
Orange arrow How often does the operator panel refresh to let me know of a new chat in the queue?

  Operator panel refresh rate varies from 7-15 seconds (15 seconds is default). You can adjust refresh rate by clicking the “Filter” link left of the “New Ticket” button in the Operator Panel and selecting a different filter with faster or slower refresh rate. Recommended filters are “All chatting an...
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