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Orange arrow Can your system be used with dynamic and secure web pages? Does it work properly on Linux hosting?

  LiveHelpNow system will work on any website, any webpage, any architecture!When you install LiveHelpNow system on your website all you do is copy paste a small snippet of HTML code which has all functionality included....
Orange arrow When ordering LiveHelpNow, will my credit card details be secure?

  We do not store any of your billing information. We automatically send billing info you provided on the billing form directly to our merchant, which informs us of a status of the transaction. We use Discover Merchant Services and LinkPoint gateway for our credit card transaction processing. Is Liv...
Orange arrow What is LiveHelpNow Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

  We understand it is important that our customers fully comprehend the terms that define our level of service. Particular aspects of our service are listed below: LiveHelpNow uses RackSpace as Third Party for private cloud hosting environment, network and hardware uptime.

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