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Orange arrow What will my payment cycle be?

  It depends on your subscription type. On monthly subscriptions it'll be the day you signed up, on yearly it'll be the day+month you signed up. So if you signed up for monthly subscription on May 20th, you will be billed on the 20th of every month. If you signed up on yearly plan on May 20th, 200...
Orange arrow When does my billing cycle start?

  Your billing cycle will start on the day you had purchased the first of the LiveHelpNow products.So if you purchased Chat System on May 20th you are charged on May 20th and your billing cycle is the 20th of every month If you then added Support System on June 1st, you will get Support System free f...
Orange arrow How do I upgrade to paid subscription?

  To Subscribe to LiveHelpNow, you will need to provide your billing information before choosing any services. Please go to Admin Panel -> My Account -> Billing info. After billing information is provided, please go to Admin Panel -> My Account -> Services. 1. Choose what services...
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Orange arrow Is there a setup fee? Are there any additional payments?

  There are no setup fees, no cancellation fees and no contracts...

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