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Orange arrow How do I integrate Twitter with the Ticketing System? I want to capture Twitter mentions as Tickets.

  Integrate your company Twitter account to your LiveHelpNow account and act on socially driven support inquiries and sales opportunities. Search tweets that include your company name or other keywords and create Tickets with a single click. Monitor important topics like competitors, trends in yo...
Orange arrow Can I integrate LiveHelpNow account with SalesForce, HubSpot, SugarCRM or other CRM systems?

  LiveHelpNow Help Desk Software fully integrates seamlessly with SalesForce, HubSpot and many other third party tools.To integrate with other CRM systems please use our Eventing API:Eventing API infoOur API is very flexible and should you find you would like to extend it so it offers extract of othe...
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Orange arrow I would like to set a cookie or do any other action for the visitor who is about to launch chat window, how can I do that?

  You would need to overide LiveHelpNow chat launch code by adding "CustomOpenLHNChat" javasript function to your page.This assumes that you have LiveHelpNow chat button code installed on the page. Please replace LHNACCOUNTID with NUMERIC portion of your LiveHelpNow account # and YOUR_CODE with wha...
Orange arrow Does LiveHelpNow integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords?

  LiveHelpNow live chat software integrates with Google Analytics and Google AdWords, giving you powerful metrics that translate into dollars. With Google Analytics you can track a visitor to your website as he or she goes down the path to purchase: Your home page, then your product page, perhaps a ...
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Orange arrow How do I properly setup Email-Ticket Management so all my customer-company email communications are organized in the Operator Panel?

  How email-to-ticket integration works: The Email-to-ticket feature in the ticketing system organizes your customer emails by converting all customer email communications into a queue of organized, prioritized and assigned inquiries. With email-to-ticket, you will know exactly when an inquiry was ...
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Orange arrow I would like to do additional programming on my website but I need to detect whether there are operators online under my account. Is this possible to determine?

  You would need to check the value of bLHNOnline JavaScript variable.The variable will be initialized by LiveHelpNow code on your site so you would need to check bLHNOnline variable's value after LiveHelpNow code installation on your page or in "onload" event of your page's body. <script>func...
Orange arrow What does LiveHelpNow integrate with out of the box and how can I integrate it with my company processes?

  Out of the box LiveHelpNow integrates with the following systems: Google Analytics & Adwords Cobrowsing SalesForce CRM To integrate LiveHelpNow live chat software with other systems please use Custom Information Feed or LiveHelpNow Eventing API More advanced integrations are al...
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Orange arrow Is there a way for LiveHelpNow to push customer data such as Name, Email, Chat transcript, Offline message, etc. to my contact management system automatically, in realtime?

  * This article should be read by a technical web person in your organization Introducing LiveHelpNow Eventing API (Webhooks) No more manually calling an API, no more transfer delays, and no more frustrated developers. Eventing, which acts as a Streaming API, will allow you to receive full...

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