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Orange arrow How do I chat with my international customers using real time language translation?

  We've harnessed the power of Google Translate in order to provide you with real-time language translation in a chat session. If your customer's first language is something other than English, they can now type in the language they're most comfortable with and their text will be translated, on the f...
Orange arrow How do i change title, button text, etc. on the Embedded Widget?

  To change default labels/text shown within the embedded widget you will need to modify the Embedded widget code to include dictionary as shown below. window.lhnJsSdkInit = function () { .... lhnJsSdk.controls = [{ .... }]; lhnJsSdk.dictionary = { agentConnecting: "Connecting to ag...
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Orange arrow How do I customize multiple chat windows for different languages

  Create a new chat window for each language you would like to support in Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window Please go to the following to change the statements in each chat window to match your language. Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization &g...
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