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Orange arrow Can I still use LiveHelpNow events with Google Tag Manager?

  If you are using Google Tag Manager on your website for your Google Analytics you will need to check the "Tracker Name" checkbox within your Google Analytic Tag to continue using the LiveHelpNow events. To enable "Tracker Name" checkbox:1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager Account2. Within your Co...
Orange arrow How do I get Google Analytics to fire off LiveHelpNow event with only having Google Tag Manager on my website?

  If you have Google Tags Manager installed on your website, the embedded window will send tag triggers to the following LiveHelpNow events: - Invite-Shown - Invite-Accepted - Invite-Declined - Prechat-Survey - Offline-Form-Opened - Offline-Form-Submitted - Chat-Started - Survey-Opened - ...
Orange arrow How do I make the embedded window use Google Analytics Classic (gaq) or Google Tag Manager (gtm) instead of the Universal Google Analytics (ga)?

  If you have Universal Google Analytics (ga) installed on your website along with Google Analytics Classic (gaq) and / or Google Tag Manager (gtm), LiveHelpNow embedded window will always default to (ga). You can force the embedded window to use the one of the other two products by adding the follo...

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