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Orange arrow I would like to install LiveHelpNow as a link which will hide when all operators are offline.

  Here are steps by step instructions: This step is only required if LiveHelpNow chat or helpOut button code is not already installed on your web page: Install invisible button code anywhere on your web page. Invisible button code may be found in Admin Panel->Chat system->installation->...
Orange arrow I would like to hide the tab for the embedded window when all agents are offline

  To hide the tab for the mbedded widget installation when all agents are offline please add the following JavaScript code anywhere on the page where embedded chat widget is installed: <script> function lhnStatusUpdate(){ if(lhnJsSdk.isOnline == false){ document.getElementBy...
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Orange arrow Can I hide the chat button when I am offline?

  You may install a chat button code which will show a transparent image when all operators under your account are offline which will make the chat feature invisible on your website during offline hours. By hiding chat button during offline hours, you are closing your business' door for customers wh...

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