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How to add canned messages

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How do I setup canned messages? Can my operators create their own?


Canned responses allow you to store commonly used messages like greetings, product/service descriptions, and short answers to frequently asked questions for repeated use when chatting with customers.

Canned responses were relocated to Admin Panel > My account > Canned responses and may now be organized by folders.
Folders may be given access permissions so only certain departments may have access.
Extremely useful for supporting multiple brands, so agents assigned to Brand A see only canned content for Brand A!

Canned responses dialog now offers ability to be re sized and docked within the operator panel,
more intuitive display and search of canned responses and ability to send canned response directly to chat with a click of a mouse.

Canned responses may be managed by all administrators as well as operators with “managed canned content” permission.
Agents may also maintain personal canned response folders, this ability however may be disabled in operator permissions.
To edit agent permissions please go to Admin Panel > My Account > Operators, then click on the operator you wish to edit.

Learn how the canned responses you create are organized for easy access.

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