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How to add canned messages

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How do I setup canned messages? Can my operators create their own?


Canned responses allow you to store commonly used messages like greetings, product/service descriptions, and short answers to frequently asked questions for repeated use when chatting with customers.

*Anyone with an operator profile can create their own canned messages - only Admins can share their canned messages with other operators on an account*

To add canned responses:

  1. Click “Switch to admin panel”
  2. Under My account-> select 'Canned responses'
  3. Click '+ Add canned response' to create a new canned response
  4. Enter a Title for your canned response that is easy to remember (you'll be choosing responses based on their title).
  5. Enter the body of the canned response. For example: “We stock over 87 varieties including…”
  6. For Admins: Check the “Shared?” box to make this response available to all of your operators.
  7. Click “Add Canned Response” to save the canned response


As an administrator, you can share all of your canned responses with some or all operators on your account at any time.

Go to Admin panel -> Canned messages -> Canned responses and click the Share link to give operators your canned responses.


  1. Select whether you'd like to 'Share' or 'Replace' the canned responses of other operators with the ones you've setup.
  2. Choose who you want to share with. You can target All Operators or choose a specific operator or department.
  3. Click the [Share] button after you've made your selections to confirm & submit the changes.

Learn how the canned responses you create are organized for easy access.

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