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Using Proactive Chat Invitations

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How do Proactive Chat Invitations work?


Proactive messaging allows LiveHelpNow chat operators to proactively invite browsing visitors to chat by sending a custom tailored message based on visitor's location, a page the visitor is on or any other factors.

Consider this:

  • Your website sells cars.
  • A visitor arrives to your website and LiveHelpNow operator is immediately notified of a newly arrived visitor, his or her GEO location, referral information like Google search query and other system detected info.
  • A visitor proceeds to Toyota Camry page and stays there for 30 seconds.
    Just to clarify: LiveHelpNow live chat software provides and reports all this info in real time!
  • LiveHelpNow operator (you) determines that the visitor is a prospect and proactively invites visitor to chat by saying... "Hello, my name is Nancy, I see that you are interested in Toyota Camry, we now have 2 in stock Blue and White, I would be more than happy to send you their details"

Now imagine the possibilities! You can greet your visitors as you would in a physical store, your website becomes a physical location, with a live salesperson in it!

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