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Adjusting the Visitors/Chats Grid

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The Visitors/Chats grid in my operator panel is not displaying visitors correctly.


LiveHelpNow chat button code monitors your website 24/7 and shows chatting, browsing, and recently departed visitors in the Operator Panel under Visitors/Chats.

There are a number of settings that control what is shown in the visitor grid:

  • Filter – located to the top-left of the visitor grid, the filter settings let you adjust the types of chats & visitors shown in the visitor grid.
    ( The default setting is ‘All chatting and browsing’ )

  • View Access – similar to the filter, view access is a setting controlled by Admins. Adjust view access for each operator in Admin panel -> Chat system -> System setup -> View access.
    ( The default setting is ‘Show All’ )

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