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Ticket Autoresponder Email Templates

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Are there email templates I can use to help me respond to customer inquiries?


Yes, the LiveHelpNow ticketing system streamlines customer communication with built in email templates. Create automated email responses for newly created tickets and changes in ticket status.

There are 3 different auto responder email templates, depending on the status of the customer inquiry. These include a 'Ticket Created' confirmation email, a 'Ticket Resolved' email and two 'Comment Added' notification emails (one for customers and one for operators).

You can setup different autoresponder templates for each ticket category. Ticket categories help you send different email notifications to different groups of customers. Manage your ticket categories in Admin panel -> Ticket tab -> Customization -> Labels & fields.

To customize Ticket System auto responders:

  1. Switch to Admin panel -> Ticket tab -> Customization -> Email
  2. Optional: Select a ‘Ticket Category’ to edit the autoresponder templates for that category.
  3. Change the Subject and Body of the templates to your desired messaging.
    IMPORTANT: Do not remove any $$$_$$$ fields unless you are sure that they are not needed.

 Automate responses to every customer's email with email-to-ticket integration.


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