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Resolving issues with sound

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I can't hear sound alerts when I have an incoming chat, why is that?


There are a number of reasons why sounds might not be working in LiveHelpNow. Here are the possible issues & fixes in order from most to least likely:

  1. Alerter software alert type is set to 'Visual Only'- right-click on the Alerter icon in your taskbar and select 'Settings'. Set Alert Type to 'Sound' for both audible and visual notifications of incoming chats.
  2. Sounds in the Operator panel have been disabled - Login and open your operator panel to the Visitors/Chats tab. Select little gear icon next to the "send" button in the chat window and make sure that 'Enable sounds' is checked.
  3. Sounds have been disabled in Internet Explorer - Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced then make sure 'Play Sounds In Webpages' under the Multimedia section is checked.
  4. Please check your system volume and speakers!

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