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Email-to-Ticket Security

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Can you explain what's behind email-to-ticket functionality and how secure is it?


Once you set up automatic email forwarding, your company emails will be forwarded to LiveHelpNow’s ticketing system email, which will then lead to ticket creation right in your operator panel. The process is fully automated, fully secure, and very convenient.

Our email server is hosted by Rackspace Exchange, a fully secure cloud-based server that is at the forefront of IT security. All emails are triple scanned to protect against any mail-borne threats, and “SSL encryption hides data during transmission so crooks can't access your mail data.” Additionally, Rackspace notes that “Our data centers are protected by strict physical and systems security measures, plus fire suppression and redundant power systems,” to reassure clients that their data integrity is fully protected at all times.

Then, the data is secured with 256 bit encryption before it is actually turned into a ticket on your operator panel. Each message goes through multiple degrees of scrutiny amidst the email to ticket process, to ensure that you inbox will only hold safe, pertinent messages, rather than viruses. Additionally, your data is totally safe at every step of the way, so that no outsiders can gain unauthorized access to it.

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