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Department Isolation

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How do I make it so my operators only see activity in their departments?


In order to accomplish this you will need to setup department routing for your account.

  1. Setup departments one for each website. In admin panel->my account->departments, and assign each operator to the correct department.
  2. Record department numbers for all (write them down)
  3. Create chat invitation window for each department in Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Invitation Window
  4. Create Chat window for each department in Admin panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window
  5. Head to Admin Panel->Chat system->installation->Live chat button or helpOut tab, generate the code for the button you like, select chat window and invitation window to associate the code with the proper website. And most importantly change lhnDepartmentN variable from being equal to 0, to Department number setup for this website in step 1.
  6. Finally make sure that operators access is set to "Only my department" in Admin Panel->Chat system->System setup->View access. This way they will only be able to see activity on the department assigned to them.

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