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LiveHelpNow pricing schedule

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How much does LiveHelpNow cost?


LiveHelpNow help desk software suite consists of four services: A top rated Live Chat System, Email-Ticket Management, Knowledge Base and Call Management.

Live Chat System, Email-Ticket Management and Knowledge Base are each offered at $21 per operator monthly.

The Call Management system is offered at $9 per agent monthly.

Costs are calculated this way:

Cost of services x Number of operator licenses = Total cost


3 or more different services as a bundle: 30% recurring discount

Yearly subscription: 10% recurring discount ***

*** Yearly payments are NOT refundable even if subscription is cancelled in the middle of a billing cycle.

LiveHelpNow for Enterprise Pricing

LiveHelpNow Enterprise offers the following additional features

  1. 3 year storage of chat and ticket history
  2. Unlimited multibrand support
  3. Unlimited visitor and ticket triggers
  4. Dedicated 24/7 software engineering support 
  5. IP Restrictions: Ability to limit access to your account to specific IP addresses
  6. Product Training (Private Training Webinars)
  7. Ability to request custom features with guaranteed timely delivery
  8. Up to 50 SMS numbers provisioned + 1000 SMS Messages per number included (must maintain a minimum of 20 agent licenses to get this item)

Enterprise package is offered at an additional $15/agent/month

Pricing calculator

What makes livehelpnow different than other Help Desk Software companies?
What is livehelpnow? What does it do? How does it help? why is it the best help desk software today?


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