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How to Capture Twitter Mentions in the Ticketing System

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How do I integrate Twitter with the Ticketing System? I want to capture Twitter mentions as Tickets.


Integrate your company Twitter account to your LiveHelpNow account and act on socially driven support inquiries and sales opportunities.

  • Search tweets that include your company name or other keywords and create Tickets with a single click.
  • Monitor important topics like competitors, trends in your industry, and customer sentiments.
  • Setup saved searches that capture relevant tweets as Tickets automatically.
  • Respond to tweets using your Twitter handle within the Ticket system.

Login with your Twitter account details in Admin panel > Ticket > System setup > Ticket integrations (+Add Twitter Account) to enable the Twitter integration.


Searching Twitter for Ticket-worthy tweets

Once you've synced your Twitter account with LiveHelpNow, navigate to Admin panel > Ticket > System setup > Ticket integrations and click the + Add Search button.

  1. Enter keywords (Ex: your company name) and click
    Preview Search to scan Twitter for related tweets and direct messages.

  2. When you find a tweet that you'd like to capture as a Ticket click the 
    + Add Ticket button to manage it in your operator panel.
    Assign Twitter Tickets to other operators and handle them like any other Ticket.

  3. If many of your search results are relevant (Ex: Tweets including your company name) then click
    + Create Search to have your search run automatically and convert all results into Twitter Tickets.
    Setup additional rules for Tickets generated via Twitter using Ticket Triggers.


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