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How to customize the look of the published Knowledge Base

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I would like to skin our Knowledge Base system so it looks just like our main website, is this possible, and if so how do I do that?


Here are a few examples of completed and published Knowledge Base systems:


To complete the customization please follow these steps:

1. Publish CNAME record in your DNS to point your subdomain to your LiveHelpNow Knowledge Base system.

2. Download Knowledge Base System Files archive. It contains Header.htm, Footer.htm and Style.css. These 3 files should be published on your website. Once they are published please submit a ticket with your LiveHelpNow account # and full URL locations where these 3 files are residing on your website and ask us to point your Knowledge Base system to use them.

3. At this point you may begin customization, any changes applied to header, footer or CSS files residing on your server will be consumed by your published Knowledge Base system immediately.


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