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Steps to upgrade your trial

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How do I upgrade to paid subscription?


 To Subscribe to LiveHelpNow, you will need to provide your billing information before choosing any services.

 Please go to Admin Panel -> My Account -> Billing info.


 After billing information is provided, please go to Admin Panel -> My Account -> Services.

1. Choose what services you intend to subscribe to.

2. Click "Add".

3. Choose whether you will be paying monthly or yearly.

4. Choose how many (total) operators will be using the account.

5. Finally choose "Start Subscription".

You have now completed the subscription and can continue using LiveHelpNow.

*Note: If you are using Paypal to pay for your subscription you will be taken to the Paypal website to finish the payment process. Failure to complete your subscription payment at PayPal will cancel your account immediately.


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